When you have a company and several employees, you constantly need to be careful to avoid any potential lawsuits. Employment law is something that every business owner has to deal with constantly and many of them make crucial mistakes because they did not hire the services of a professional law firm in Georgetown. Most managers do not even realise how much they could use the help of an experienced lawyer until they are faced with a serious situation they need a solution for. These are the main situations that require the help of a lawyer in order to be sure that everything is done properly:


Employment contracts

The contract is probably the most important document signed between the employer and employee and the reason of dispute for so many companies. To avoid any problems in the future, a good law firm in Georgetown can help you draft your contracts properly as well as draft any type of agreement that you may need. If your company requires a rigorous confidentiality policy, this might also require the help of a lawyer just to be sure you have all the details in order.


Constructive or wrongful dismissals

Just as important as the contract, the way in which an employee is dismissed can have many repercussions afterwards. Ask your Georgetown lawyers to offer you some advice regarding the dismissal of your employees. In addition, in case something were to happen, the law firm will handle the wrongful dismissal litigation and everything that it implies.


Occupational heath and safety

This is a topic that many employers do not pay attention too and end up with many problems because of that. A law firm in Georgetown will advise you on compliance issues, help you respond to Ministry of Labour orders as well as help you develop health and safety policies and implement them afterwards.


Management training

While you may think that you do not need a bunch of Georgetown lawyers to tell you how to run your company, they might actually offer you valuable advice in terms of discipline and discharge, setting employee standards, human rights, health and safety and many others. You and your company will definitely benefit from this type of training and you will have a much easier time understanding certain notions that you were having problems with before.


All in all, collaborating closely with a law firm such as Howitt Law is always a good idea. You will have on your side a team of specialists that always knows what to do in any legal situation your company might be in. when you have any doubts regarding a certain legal matter it is always best to ask a lawyer rather than do something that might have negative repercussions afterwards. From contracts and dismissals to occupational health and safety and management trainings, an experienced law firm offers a wide variety of services that managers can benefit from, so you should definitely start looking for a legal partner in case you do not have one.