Given the latest changes in society, the advancement of technology and the growth in popularity belonging to online shopping, it is clear to everyone that the need for transport has grown as well. However, if you thought that being a freight forwarder is a highly profitable business, you might just have been wrong. In certain circumstances, it can be, but not in all. Today, there are several transport companies or better said corporations that have taken over the market, leaving not much room for independent freight forwarders to develop and earn their share of profit. Since this is not economically fair, the idea of a freight alliance has come up. The need for such a network is clear as daylight, fact, which could explain the several choices one is given. Indeed there are several networks you could join. First, however, you would wise to conduct a thorough choice and see which one fits to your needs best. Speaking of needs, perhaps that understanding exactly how a freight forwarder would benefit from a decision of kind might be of some help. So, here are the reasons for which you should join an alliance of this kind.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that once you decide to join a network, you will be provided with tasks, with profit making opportunities. This is in fact the most attractive part of becoming a member. Being alone, in a market that is controlled by corporations, might make things rather complicated as far as identifying clients is concerned. You will most likely end up making partnerships with all sorts agencies that might not always live up to their word. Therefore, the solution to all this is to join a trustworthy alliance, one that is highly reputable and reliable that will manage to generate work for you. Secondly, one ought to consider reputation. In order for an alliance to be seen as trustworthy and to be considered by clients, its reputation must be flawless. Therefore, selecting its members will be a long and strict process, but the wait will be worthwhile. Once you are part of a highly reputable network, you will earn a bit of that positive reputation, managing to draw even more clients to your business.


Last but not least there is competition. You might think that given the beneficial nature of joining a network, plenty of freight forwarders will be eager to become part of it. Of course you wouldn?t be wrong if you should assume it. However, a dedicated alliance will value its members and will not encourage disloyal competition. For instance in smaller ports, an alliance won?t have too many freight forwarders to answer to the demands of its clients, at least not of different sizes and costs. This way, all members will be given their chance to profit. If the reasons mentioned above have convinced you that joining such a network is a wise choice of action, then why not find out what your options are? One in particular seems to have gained a high level of popularity and that would be The Cooperative Logistics Network. This is the kind of partner you would like to have beside, an alliance that has proven time and time again that its services are highly professional, adequately representing freight forwarders world wide.