In the corporate field, companies, especially multinationals, have hundreds, even thousands of employers, which only have in common their workplace. Most of the times, the HR department of such huge firms forget about the human element in HR, and is in charge only with salaries, schedules or paperwork. However, it is very important not to neglect the rest of the human resources department?s responsibilities: education, mentoring, coaching and motivation. Some CEOs, together with their specialists directly involved in these processes, realize the importance of creating a personal connection between their employers, in order to create unity and increase their performances. For this reason, they organize bonding activities, events or conferences, aiming to trespass the boundaries existing inside the company. Most of the times, big companies collaborate with a series of speakers, who are normally able to analyze the existing issues and deliver customized speeches, with the purpose to motivate and engage personnel. Generally, people believe that a motivational keynote speaker is simply someone hired for a limited timeframe, but actually, their job is more complicated than this: they have to understand the needs of the audience, the exact message the CEO has to transmit and also concentrate all these into a determined period of time ? these types of sessions last about one hour.

A session must be planned in advance and may take plenty of time to prepare, because the speaker must research about that domain of activity, industry, company, and also know some details about the audience. After all this data is gathered, the speaker can design a presentation and speech which will suit the firm?s needs and bring a change into the employers? mindset. There are many ways in which motivational and executive coaching can be done: through videos, jokes, audience involvement and so on, all these related to the topic reported by the company?s representatives. Before choosing a professional speaker for your company, look for somebody with experience in your activity domain, and have an initial meeting to tell them your expectations and also see if their methods suit the atmosphere and people from your firm.

It is very important that the speaker is on the same page with the audience, if not, the whole session can be a total fail. In the corporate field, the most common topics requested by leaders are customer care or entrepreneurial leadership and there are specialized companies, such as Peter Strohkorb Consulting International Pty Ltd offering these services. If you are still thinking about the manner in which such a session will influence your employers? activity, well, the most important thing is that the speech leaves a strong impression on the audience: make them see things they have not seen before, acknowledge the changes they must bring to their work and have a different mindset. Besides this, they have to understand the need of improvement and the fact they all work together for the same purpose and this can be achieved through meaningful examples and relevant situations explained by the professional speaker.