Weddings are definitely the most important events in anyone?s life, not to mention Sikh people. In this culture, marriage represents much more than just a physical and legal communion, it means officialising the deep and holy connection between two souls. Also known under the name of Anand Kataj, which can be translated with ?blissful union?, the ceremony is extremely peaceful and is mostly based on the spiritual side of the human being. Once the wedding comes to an end, the couple is considered by everyone one soul in two different bodies. In addition to this, the families of the marrying couple have to be in total agreement and peace with the event, since they are about to become one great family as soon as the union takes place. In order to get the special atmosphere required, you need to make sure you choose the most reliable and genuine officiants, such as Dr. Freedom Singh and Leela. Having experienced priests officiating the wedding ensures a sacred atmosphere and allows you to enjoy a stress free ceremony.

As you can see, everything indicates the highly spiritual nature of a Sikh ceremony, which makes it extremely different from anything else, as well as special for all the participants. The Destination Sikh Wedding is a joyful festivity, in which not only the families, but also all the guests have to participate actively. The entire event will be based on a special ceremony, consisting in multiple stages aimed to suggest the evolution of the human being. A number of hymns are sung as the families, friends and other guests arrive to the venue of the event. While the official ceremony starts in the morning and is most of the times completed before noon, the wedding per se also consists in a lunch and the festivity is likely to last the entire day and sill into the next day, too. Furthermore, the most impressive part is the preparations, which may take many days or even weeks before the actual event and involves the two families of the marrying couple. Taking into consideration that riches and wealth are not a definite factor for the Sikh culture, it is believed that one should get married only with somebody who has a deep faith in Sikhism.

A skillful Sikh Wedding Priest is required to officiate at such an event, filled with spirituality, peace and calm. What is actually special about the Anand Karaj ceremony is that it is perceived as an official act of unity between the two individuals who get married. For Sikh people, being married means the ultimate fulfillment of the spirit, an ideal any person has to achieve. According to their belief, only through it can a human being meet their life purpose and get the best opportunities to serve God?s will of contributing to the well being of the humanity. In the Sikh culture, getting married means reaching spiritual maturity and the ultimate intend of bliss. In addition to this, Sikhism advocates marital life, considering it the most suitable way of living for a person who is close to God.