It is not so surprising that nowadays many people have chosen to give up their phones in favor of more improved versions available on the market. Augmented sales of mobile phones are a living proof of the popularity of smart devices, but they also point out that mankind has become addicted to technology, and implicitly to smart devices. The range of leading-edge specifications continues to feed the hunger for purchase.

Alternatively, we can visualize the next case scenario: you have managed to break your phone. Whether it does not power on anymore, it has a cracked screen or water has damaged it, it is of no more use to you. Instead of forgetting the phone in the drawer or throwing it away, think of recycling it. The recent idea of recycling smart phones has won over clients and has managed to transform itself into a successful business. As a result, a great many people frequently ask themselves: where do I sell my iPhone?


The popular belief is that once an iPhone is damaged, the only solution is to throw it away. What most people tend to ignore is the fact that one can wisely dispose of his or hers device and recover a part of the money you paid for it. There are numerous persons who take great interest in repairing broken iPhones as a hobby and who will actually offer to buy it. Charities are also reputed to have recycled old working phones.

On the other hand, the Internet is the leading marketplace for selling practically anything you want. The very first option to sell broken iPhone is eBay. Recently, eBay has proven to be difficult to use and you have auction the product to the highest bidder. Another option is selling via Craigslist or Best Buy. However, do not be surprised if you are required to pay some fees and it is largely acknowledged that all transaction imply a certain degree of risks. Companies also occupy themselves with the activity of fixing and selling broken iPhones. iCracked is just one of the many of its kind and shows a particular interest to AT&T iPhones which can be used mainly outside the U.S., where there is a high demand for stolen devices. However, the wisest choice are by far websites such as SellSmartForCash, where you can trade in old and broken phones.


Overall, one does not lack the necessary resources to sell their broken phones. If you are planning to purchase a new iPhone, you should definitely make an effort and sell the old one in order not to completely waste your money. The best place to sell broken iPhone strongly depends on the type of device and the amount of time you are willing to spend on this task.