The first thing you should know about binary options bonuses is the fact that there is a good and a bad side to them. As long as you are aware of this fact and read the terms and conditions carefully, you can easily accept the bonus your broker provides without facing any problem in the future. The bad part refers in fact about taking an uninformed decision and regretting it afterwards. Top binary options brokers like 24Option provide incredible welcome bonuses, but these almost always come with a condition. Usually, you will not be allowed to withdraw your money until you meet a specific condition such as trading all your deposit and bonus money. Considering the fact that bonuses will give you the opportunity to make more trades and play out numerous strategies, the deal is definitely favorable, but some users are not aware of this fact and fail to meet the requirement and try to withdraw the money anyways.


The terms and conditions of the bonuses are not written in fine print, so you should simply read them carefully once and it will become clear. Binary options brokers set these conditions to protect their business against people that are not serious about trading and are aiming for an easy way of winning some money. 24Option binary trading involves receiving a series of bonuses depending on your performance and sometimes even on referrals and each type of bonus has its own limits and conditions. It is best to check everything in advance to make sure that you are ready to get seriously involved in trading binary options. Sometimes, brokers offer beginners the opportunity to minimize the risks of losing their initial investments and allow them to familiarize with the platform, trading method, system and data charts. It is beneficial for a broker to encourage newcomers and help them become advanced traders, so these bonuses are not designed to scam you. They are meant to help you in the beginning and keep you as a customer in the future as well. Binary options brokers are making money as intermediaries, so providing favorable terms to their customers is in their advantage as well as yours.


There are numerous types of bonuses available on each platform. Some brokers offer exceptional sign-up bonuses, but do not provide any other bonus, while other brokers provide a variety of bonuses that will help you improve your trading and winnings with each step you take further on the path towards becoming a pro binary options trader. Another thing you have to keep in mind about bonuses is the fact that those that seem too good to be true, probably are. There are numerous complaints of binary options brokers that were in fact scams, so you should first avoid making an account and depositing money on such a platform. You can find out which broker is reliable and which is a scam by reading the reviews provided by There is plenty of information available online abut each binary option platform, so take your time reading.