After hearing about the benefits of binary options trading, many people start doing their research and read all they can find about brokers. Unless you engage the services of a binary options broker, you are not able to buy or sell assists. The reason why it is so important to carefully choose the broker you will invest with is that many of them manage to escape regulations and trick people into depositing their funds, funds that are lost forever. Other issues that you should pay attention to is that not all brokers offer the same services. While some promise high returns or provide advanced trading platforms, others may promise to compensate you with up to 100% bonus. Therefore, it is not easy deciding between binary options brokers. In order to solve this dilemma, you have to consider several factors when making your choice.

Regulation. As mentioned before, the major issue concerning binary options brokers is legitimacy. Financial experts seem to pop up everywhere, meaning that most of them are not actually legit. Even though being regulated does not necessarily ensure the safety of your funds, it is certainly better than nothing. The way in which a broker is regulated depends largely on where the company is registered and the base of operation. Remember that the financial expert should act on your behalf and since you are paying fees, you have the right to demand protection for your investment.

Trading software. The next thing you have to do is to check the trading platform. Thanks to the many innovations, traders are now able to trade on the go with the help of digital platforms. Although most trading platforms are supposed to be easy to use and generally user-friendly, not all of them are. At best, the trading platforms should not make you spend the entire day trying to navigate or make considerable efforts trying to trade. A difficult platform is equal to failure, so do not get carried away by fancy designs. It is more important to see if the links are good and if the website is professionally built. The experience with the website has to be similar to walking into a bank, meaning it has to look organized. Thanks to websites such as, you now have access to solid information.

Payout offered. In binary options trading, you will have to predict the movement of the asset?s price before the expiry time. If you manage to make a correct assessment, then you receive a percentage based on the money invested. However, not all brokers offer the same percentage. Top binary option brokers offer up to 70% payout rates, but others may not feel so generous. The main disadvantage of buying and selling assets is that when the price is out by one cent from the percentage, you immediately lose money.

To sum up, it is important not only to choose a broker you feel comfortable trading with, but also that is legit. Besides making sure that the financial experts acts in your best interest, you have to convince yourself the trading platform is easy to use and that the payout rate is high enough. Once the broker respects all this requirements, you can start trading safely.