It is well known that technology has changed all the aspects of our lives, especially as far as communications and information are concerned. Hundreds of years ago, the most popular information source was represented by local newspapers. Later on, their leading place was taken by television, since more and more people would have access to at least one TV in their homes. For this reason, it has become more and more difficult for old copy newspapers to maintain their popularity. Instead of going to the corner store to purchase the newspaper, it is way easier and comfortable to stay at home in front of the TV and see or hear the latest information, not to mention that if you prefer the printed version, you will have to wait until the next day in order to find details about what happened the current day. Not to mention that if you are interested in the latest news in Africa, but you live in Europe, you will not have access to local publications. A lot of newspapers have lost most of their loyal readers to modern alternatives, such as the TV and internet, especially in the last years. For this reason, most of them have speculated the trend and have decided to take advantage of the perks of technological evolution, by launching online versions of their publications. In addition to this, nowadays there are many dedicated platforms offering relevant information on various topics of general interest.


Many people consider that since everyone can have access to internet, and there is no need for advanced knowledge in order to launch such a platform, these do not represent a reputable option, but this is not true. Most of the times, these are created by professionals of a news agency, who do not like to be associated with public figures or want to avoid the hustle of becoming public figures. Online platforms will present you only the naked truth, without being subjective or politically biased. Nowadays, it occurs very often that news lack objectivity or TV stations are politically affiliated to certain parties, which makes them promote false information to their audience. This is not possible when it comes to independent agencies, and if you read Botswana news online, provided by a reputable platform, you are likely to obtain accurate information.


Besides being objective, online platforms have the advantage of presenting news in real time. People who are eager to find out more details about a certain subject right away can simply search on the internet and browse to read everything they are interested in., for instance, is a dedicated and reputable platform offering information about various countries in Africa. For those who are interested in travelling to distant destinations, it is recommended to make an informed decision by reading articles on different topics, and the internet is the most resourceful environment. Alternative news platforms usually have more than one source and offer many perspectives, so their point of view is more complex than that of a traditional newspaper or TV station.