The movement towards ethically sourced gems has started after a controversial truth was uncovered about the mining of precious stones in certain parts of the world, where not only the mining conditions were the worst for the environment and workers, but also the money resulted from their sale was used to finance wars. The scandal with the blood diamonds has urged authorities to take harsher measures against these practices. Considering the fact that finding out the origin of a gemstone requires in depth investigation, stocking ethical jewelry and gems has yet to become common nowadays. Selling sustainable and ethically sourced gemstones and jewels is not only a way of helping the cause, but also a method of boosting sales, because customers are no longer willing to pay for a precious stone that has brought harm to others and the environment through its mining. You can say that ethically sourced gems are precious stones that have been verified and proved to have been mined without using an intrusive method and underpaid workers. Wholesale suppliers no longer get their gemstones from mines that use extraction methods with grave consequences on our environment.


When it comes to jewelry and gems global trade, numerous socio-economic and environmental issues need to be taken into account. Only in this way we can ensure that we are not ultimately funding a company responsible with causing environmental damage and offering deplorable working conditions. Socially responsible consumers have taken a stand and the trade of gemstones and jewels has started to take a new shape. Sellers that cannot provide ethically sourced gems and jewelry are no longer popular, so one can observe a shift in the way traders manage their business. This is of course good news, because buying ethical jewelry has become possible without exhaustive efforts from the part of the buyer. In fact, gemstone and jewelry suppliers use the fact that they have ethically sourced gems and jewels as a promotion. If you wish to buy an engagement ring with a stone that was responsibly sourced, you will immediately find the right provider. Businesses providing ethical gems take pride in their ability to support this cause and are not afraid to announce it. Therefore, it is easy to uncover those suppliers you can use.


Companies like that provide ethically sourced gems are well-respected on the dedicated market, because it is not easy in the end to offer high quality gemstones obtained in responsible ways at competitive prices. However, it is also not impossible, so next time you need to buy a precious stone or jewelry piece, you should only make a purchase after checking out the source of the stones. If those mining gemstones in an illegal and harmful way will stop making sales, they will need to either change their ways or stop production altogether. This is what this campaign aims to achieve and everyone can help by simply buying only ethical jewelry. The logic is simple, if we stop funding the people harming others and our environment for profit, we will help create a better world.