The spare space in your garage may be the best storage solution you have, in case you have plenty of things to deposit and a small house. While one should take advantage of each square foot, more than 50 percent of homeowners say that the garage represents the least organised room in their homes. You can probably say the same, and this is due to the fact that you got used to simply throwing stuff in there, without respecting any precise order. So in case it is very difficult for you to find something that you need in a timely manner, then maybe you should start considering some storage and shelving systems. If you are interested in implementing efficient storage solutions for your garage, Rapid Racking may be the company you need: they are UK?s largest stock holding company and provide a wide variety of products and services. The best option would be installing metal shelving units, because these are resistant to damp and harsh environments and will allow you to store heavier loads too. In addition to this, they will help you maximize your space and keep everything in order.


Even if you think that your garage has room only for car parking, you will be surprised to find out that shelving can be installed anyway, as long as it has a valid anchor point. The most common choice is installing them next to a spare wall, because this gives them more stability, but you can also use ceiling supports, for shelving that is not fixed to the wall. If you think you need roof-to-ceiling racking, then you can also use some screws, to bolt the bottoms to the floor. Furthermore, you can even get some portable units, similar to bookshelves ? these are easy to install and remove, but have some general limitations when it comes to the weight they are able to support. For this reason, they are ideal for lightweight objects. Shelving for garage strategies are not only easy to implement, but also extremely efficient: you get easy access to all your stuff, while also gaining space. It is well known that vertical storage is one of the smartest storage options, since it can offer you a maximum of 100 square feet storage space, if it is wisely arranged. A garage shelving UK professional will be able to make the best out of your garage by installing adjustable supports and mounted anchors ? the anchors are simply affixed into the wall and then you can move the supports in your preferred location. In case you want to place the racking near a wall, you will also have to take into consideration that brick, concrete or cinderblock installation may be a bit more difficult.


As you can see, there are plenty of suggestions you can use if you want to transform your garage into an efficiently organized storage space. Some shelves will solve the problem by adding some square footage ? all you have to do is decide which system works for you. Take a look on the products offered by dedicated companies, and choose the one that suits best your needs and your budget.