We all have a couple of old mobile phones forgotten in a drawer somewhere in the house and we never think about selling them. Our logic is simple: if we do not want them anymore, why would someone else? What about the broken old phones we no longer have any hope of using, but we still cannot bear to simply throw away? Thinking that there is no market for old and broken phones is a mistake. In fact, I can sell my mobile phone in a matter of hours, irrespective of its condition, because there are certain companies that specialize in buying and selling mobile phones that will buy any type of phone, even damaged ones. Companies like Sellsmartforcash.co.uk will purchase your old phone with the purpose of reselling it for components. Besides the fact that you will receive money for a device that you had no use for anymore, you will also do a good deed by supporting the recycling of products with hazardous components. Few people know that mobile phone batteries are not supposed to be disposed of the regular way, because of the harmful chemicals they contain and unknowingly neglect their duty of managing waste in a responsible way. Fortunately, you can now dispose of your devices without even lifting a finger by resorting to companies that purchase old and broken mobile phones and even receive money for it.


Considering the fact that people change their Smartphone every year, the number of devices that are not in use, but are still functional has reached an alarming rate. Instead of keeping them in an old drawer for the next couple of years with other old phones you do not plan to use anymore, you can find them a new owner or cut to the chase and sell them to a specialised used phones supplier. The perks of resorting to this type of services are easy to notice. If I choose to sell my mobile phone to another user, I would need to spend time, money and effort to promote it first. Plus, I am not guaranteed results. Finding a buyer is difficult and in the meantime the value of the phone will diminish. A specialised company will not stop to negotiate, it will either buy it or not. You might think that obtaining more money from a user is possible, but the chances are actually lower than you think.


Another advantage of selling your Smartphone to a company is the fact that you will receive your money in cash faster than you can imagine. What is more, all other expenses such as the currier costs will be covered by the buyer, so you will only need to send your mobile phone to the specified address and wait for the promised money to be transferred into your account. If you have a broken phone that you would like to sell, you will rest assured that a professional company will dispose of the obsolete parts in a responsible way without damaging the environment.