Since the introduction of social media marketing and Online marketing, most marketers and business owners felt like they are missing the mark as far as attracting targeted customers are concerned. When it comes to social media marketing Perth businesses have had to recognise the importance that social media campaigns can play on their business and it?s customers. It is estimated that ?46% of online users count on social media when making a decision?. Whether you choose to make use of online marketing strategies and/or social media marketing strategies, there is no question about the complexity of it all. All round it is a very tough game to play.


You may already be a seasoned marketer in the way you present yourself via top social media platforms. However, the online strategies you’ve been using need a bit of sprucing up. Besides, you want to catch the eye of your clients and garner that much sought after response where they actually engage with you.

Interactive Social Media Marketing


Like any other business owner, you would have used social media as a way of sharing information, personalised messages, and ideas that are useful to others. Undoubtedly it is hotter than ever before since mobile technology has received more than the usual attention than ever before by Google. Especially, if one consider that social media platforms like Facebook accomplished more in a decade than the CIA was able to accomplish during their entire existence. This is what you would call the power of interactive marketing, but in a social way.

How to Make Social Media Work for You


If only it was as easy as they say it was to make social media work for your business. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the technologically advanced world we live in where you need to master the art of online marketing and social media marketing. After all, social media is fairly complex, and if not done right, it can actually harm your brand. Once you start to have followers, you should strive to keep them engaged, through constant posts, reminders, answers to their questions and comments. Another thing to remember is marketing on social media brings the best results when combined with other online advertising Perth methods, because people can relate and make connections between them.


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