In the mysterious and intriguing world of independent escorts and adult entertainment services, there were many extremely well kept secrets which only few connoisseurs of the field got to know. This entire industry was covered with a veil of ambiguity and kept far from prying eyes in order to secure the privacy of the gentlemen, ladies and couples requesting these services and even though the strict confidentiality rules are still applied today, as they will always be, our modern times have brought a larger transparency when it comes to the ladies so diligently offering their services to any interested client. In the past, finding a London escort girl used to be quite tricky and not many persons knew where they could retain such services. However, the closed circuit world of previous decades is now history with the continuous expansion of the Internet and the development of highly sophisticated platforms for independent London escorts found online. Let?s take a look at one of the most renowned and appreciated websites of this kind at the moment, Ava Escorts, and understand how its existence has completely transformed the way people see escorts and has unveiled some of their most sought after secrets.


First of all, the skills of a private or independent escort used to be one of her greatest mysteries. Oftentimes, clients only found out what their escort could do after retaining her services and getting to the deeds. This could become a highly satisfactory experience or it could be a failure, there was no way of knowing in advance. Luckily for everyone, this has now changed and specialized websites like the one mentioned above are always offering extensive details regarding the skill set of a certain lady. Can she wear uniforms? Does she prefer anal top or bottom? Does she have some experience with dinner dates? Or is she better at tie & tease techniques? These are no longer secrets and everyone wanting to hire an escort can read her preferences.


Secondly, the price is unveiled too also by the same online platforms used to promote the ladies? contact details and information. Directories of this sort offer a comprehensive look into everything that?s related to a particular escort, regardless if we are talking about a male or a female. This means that you will know everything up front: the skills as mentioned above, the figure, size and constitution of the person, the height, weight, preferences, dress size, nationality and foreign language knowledge, as well as the highly important price for the rendered services. The details are also great. Some girls will mention from the start how much they charge per hour, per night and even per weekend for the most courageous clients.


As you can probably see by now, revealing the secrets of independent London escorts and ladies offering adult fun services is no longer a hard task or something limited to certain categories of persons. Anyone who is above legal age can go online and enter on the specialized directories to catch a glimpse of what these talented and sensual ladies can offer, no secrets remaining.