When you start decorating your house, in the majority of cases, your attention is focused towards the bedroom and kitchen, but you should know that this is one of the mistakes homeowners do, because the center of the house is the living room, and you should start with it. According to the style you have chosen, you should start looking for furniture items you can install there, because it has to reflect your personal style. Make sure that the features you include in the design of this room would be found in all the other rooms of the house. Keep in mind that nowadays people do not clutter their houses anymore, because they consider more effective to stay in a house with little but functional items. Take a look in the interior design magazines, and you would notice that even celebrities opt for simple furniture items as the ones from porrah.com, because they are easy to fit into every style, and the wooden design gives that edgy touch to the room.

You do not want to over accessorize your living room, because a cluttered space can look disorganized and messy, and you should not give your guests this impression. You have to do your best to obtain a sophisticated and chic look, when it comes to your living room, so if you have any items, which evoke strong emotions or have sentimental value, you should take them away from this room, because they would only clutter it. Simplify it, and decorate it with wooden drawers and similar items, because they give the room a natural and comfortable look. Take a look at the home products celebrities use to decorate their living rooms, because they are always up to date with the latest trends, and you can be sure that if you invest in some furniture items similar to theirs, you would design a beautiful and sophisticated room. In addition, an important aspect in the design of the living room is the TV. You do not want to ruin the look of the room by placing a huge black TV in the center of the room. Therefore, you can use some fancy mirrors to cover it, and slide them aside when you want to watch your favorite TV-show.

When browsing through the furniture items listed by an online shop as Porrah, you should also take a look for chairs, because if you use to have a lot of guests, your couch might not be big enough for them. So, you should buy some chairs in nude tones, to match the wooden furniture. In addition, if you have a large budget, and you want to impress your guests through the items you use to decorate the living room, you can opt for some antique or vintage textiles to cover the small pillows from the sofa. In addition, you can choose the same fabric for your upholstered stools and seat cushions. For completing the look, choose from a Turkish rug on the floor, in earthy tones, because it would instantly become the centerpiece.