When it comes to house cleaning, there are some things nobody likes to do, such as cleaning the carpets or the floors. Since these are made of special materials or fibres, everybody thinks that cleaning them requires special attention and sophisticated pieces of equipment, so they try to avoid it as much as possible. However, contrary to the common belief, cleaning and maintaining wax and tile floors is not that difficult, if you know how to do it. Of course, the best way to have the floor in perfect state is to prevent ruining it, through some simple methods: you can place some mats strategically, in the areas with a lot of traffic (in front of the sofa or next to the bar), arrange a place where people can take off their shoes when they enter the room or wear soft shoes around the house. You can actually protect the coating of your floor, maintain its shine and its beautiful patina if you apply some cleaning rules and if once in a while you use the professional services of a wax & strip flooring Ottawa company. However, you should pay a lot of attention, because the wrong tools and strong cleaning agents can harm the sensitive surfaces and cause irrecoverable damages.


The main reason for which people choose waxed tile floor is its shine and neat look, and you are probably no exception. In addition to this, since the wood is protected by a layer of clay solution, it is easier to clean, because the stains do not penetrate the surface. Normal stains, such as water or other non-greasy solutions, are easily to remove and require only the use of a soft mop or piece of clothing. Once you absorb the surplus of liquid, humidity will just fade away and the floor will regain its normal shine and colour. However, it is well known that too much humidity makes the floors change their form, so make sure you will not allow liquid to stay on the ground for too long. In order to protect the shiny finish, avoid using hard or porous materials, such as brooms or sponges. If you spill oily solutions or notice some small scratches, you could try re-applying another thin coat of wax, because this will neutralize the scrapes. In case you are planning to remodel or change major things around the house and you need post construction cleaning Ottawa, the best thing you could do is get in touch with a specialist. They will know how to approach the problem and also use professional cleaners and equipment, so that your floors will be as good as new.


Even if sometimes all it takes is a bucket of water and a clean mop, some situations actually require the intervention of professionals. In case you are looking for a specialized company to help you cleaning around the house, you should try Sky High Cleaning. Even if you can take care of your floor, carpets or walls by yourself, asking for help from a dedicated company at least twice a year is more than recommended.