Print heads are replaceable consumables, but you should use appropriate care and do routine maintenance to prolong their life even if you are not using your printer that often, because they can get clogged easily, if the ink on them dries up. Whether we talk about direct thermal or thermal transfer printers, their print heads, ribbons and labels require careful regular cleaning. While newer printer models have automatic deep cleaning programs, older versions require manual cleaning. Nevertheless, the entire process will only take a couple of minutes and you can extend the life of all your printer parts greatly. What is more, the price for an original Spectra SE-128 printhead is not negligible. Considering the fact that you can pay over a thousand bucks on a new print head, you should try to make the most out of it. After ordering a replacement printhead from specialized websites like, you should pay better attention to its maintenance. Those who fail to use the cleaning function of their printer usually need to make replacements sooner than normal, not to mention that some do not even get to use their printing machines very often. While clogged printheads can be salvaged with careful manual cleaning, those that fail due to overuse can only be replaced. You can find replacement Spectra SL-128 printhead online for your printer. Here are the basic things you should do to extend the life of your printer consumables:


Regular cleaning

Cleaning the printheads regularly is the most important step towards ensuring they will have a longer life. While some specialists recommend cleaning the print heads before and after printing, you should at least use the cleaning function every time the ribbon or roll of labels is changed. When it comes to manual print head cleaning, you should use isopropyl alcohol and a lint-free rag. You can also buy pre-saturated wipes or a cleaning kit designed especially for printers. Some printers also come with built-in cleaners in the ribbon leader.


Choose appropriate ribbons

When it comes to choosing the right ribbon, you should pay great attention to its quality, because low quality ribbon or a wrong-sized ribbon, the print head of your printer will get scratched. Considering the fact that ribbons are used as barriers to prevent friction and heal buildup, it is only normal that their quality will affect the level of wear and tear of the printheads, so make sure you get the right type and increase the life of your printer.


Get the right printer settings

Printer settings are important, because it can influence the temperature at which your printer will work. The main reason behind print head failure is the fast heating and cooling process caused by the friction between printing elements and the ribbon. The temperature and pressure changes wear down printheads in time. You should therefore print at the lowest print speed so as to ensure the lowest friction and temperatures. The contrast setting should also be set on the lowest level to avoid the heating of the elements.