Going to the gym to get a healthy and toned body is no longer the luxury it was several years ago. Every major city now offers a decent share of professional gyms and there are many options that you can choose from, as long as you?re motivated to reach your goals, you can always find reliable help. However, given the huge number of gyms available, you might be wondering what aspects in particular you should take into account when choosing New Delhi fitness facilities and which compromises you should never make.


Modern & professional gym equipment

High quality equipment is one of the hallmarks of a reputable gym. Items such as treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes are essential if you want to exercise one particular part of your body, so you should only go to a gym that has a wide variety of equipment. Avoid going to gyms that have low subscription fees, but offer old or outdated equipment. Not only could this lower the efficiency of your training routine and make it harder, but also endanger your health. There are many cases of people who frequented local gyms and ended up hurting themselves because the gear they used was worn out. Even you spend a bit more, it?s always better to work out with high quality, specialized gear.


Experienced & supportive personal trainers

It?s not just equipment that makes a gym professional, but also its staff. In fact, equipment can be almost useless if there isn?t an instructor there to tell you what to do with it. Avoid overcrowded New Delhi gyms where it?s impossible to get the trainer?s attention or where the trainer doesn?t have the time to answer all your questions and assess your progress. Instead, choose a smaller, local gym where you can discuss at ease with your personal trainer and get bespoke advice. Even if working out while being watched constantly can be a bit stressful at first, this will motivate you and push you forward. A professional instructor should always give you feedback and change your workout routine depending on your progress, physical condition and goals.


Convenient location & hours

Wanting a gym that?s close to your home or office is not a fad, it is a perfectly legitimate request. A great many people would like to work our more, but the nearest top rated gym is too far away. Indeed, it shouldn?t take you more to get to and from the gym than it takes you to exercise, which is why you should find a facility near you. This way, you can go there in the morning and then come back home for a quick shower. If your schedule doesn?t allow you to work out in the afternoon, you should look for a gym that closes later, without charging you extra. To make sure a gym in New Delhi ticks all the boxes above, use a specialized platform such as FITraQ, where you can find the best gyms in New Delhi.