Florida alcohol laws seem to be one of the most debated topics of the moment right now especially since there are so many persons who want to get in possession of an Orange County or Volusia County liquor license??????????? but don?t know how. Regardless of how informed or not you think you think you are, there will always be aspects you are not up to date with unfortunately. This is why the first thing you should do after reading this article is to go online and search for companies specialized in assisting owners with the selling or buying of permits, a great example being Liquor License FL. What about the places that are allowed to sell drinks? At what hour do they close? How many establishments have licenses and how can you get one of these permits to use at your store as well? Knowing a little bit about an Orange County FL liquor license, for instance, does not make you an expert and will surely not take you on the right path to getting rich from alcohol distribution. So keep reading this article and don?t forget to visit the official platform of companies like the one we?ve mentioned in order to find out more!


The places allowed to provide liquor for certain amounts of money are of different types and they include grocery stores, retailers, convenient stores, supermarkets and other forms of neighborhood shops across the state of Florida. Their licenses differ which means that they are allowed to sell only particular types of alcohol, generally only wine, beer and soft liquors but there are some establishments that also have the authorization to sell whiskey and vodka, which fall under the hard drinks category. As for spirits in general they can be purchased from retail package stores.


Alcohol laws are known of be permissive in this sunny state and this can be seen as well in the policies approved for hotels and restaurants. Regular bars and liquor selling restaurants can offer non-virgin drinks only until the hour of 1 in the morning and after 7 a.m., which is a rather small window of exclusion considering that this schedule applies for Fridays and Saturdays as well. And even if alcohol is not typically sold on Sundays, there are a few counties where owners have the authorization to empty their stocks to customers seven days a week and all around the clock daily. Bet you didn?t know that these exceptions exist? Or that you can follow the example of many Florida residents who are known to cross county borders simply to have a shot on a late Saturday night or Sunday afternoon? Drinking and driving is not encouraged however and is punishable by law.


The last element that few persons know about alcohol related laws in FL is related to the legal drinking age. You might argue that it?s the 21 year barrier just like anywhere in the country. However, there is a catch here: bartenders can be as young as 18 and they often need to taste the mixes or cocktails they prepare as part of their job. Also, 18 year old individuals are allowed to sell wine and beer in establishments where the consumption is not done on premises. This includes small street front stores, grocery markets and supermarkets to name just a few. To learn more on the topic, browse for liquor licenses in Florida right now!