There are so many things that businesses today need to stay on top of, from making use of the digital marketing channels to staying up to date with the social media challenge and providing consumers with increasing quality and novelty, while also offering lower prices, due to global competition. One thing that has become essential for most businesses today is having a credit card merchant service, due to the constantly growing trend of consumers paying by debit or credit card instead of cash wherever they are and whatever they need. To that extent, all sorts of businesses around the world have had to align to the trend and start providing their customers or clients with this payment solution, which meant the needed to find a credit card payment processor service and the right terminals for them.


At a first glance, a credit card payment processor specialist, such as Chip and Pin Card Payments, offers one service and one service alone: processing a vendor?s credit or debit card payments. However, if you a take a closer look at what this type of payment solution involves, you will see that there is an entire range of services that your business could benefit from, as well as different types of terminals and PDQ machines for different types of business. For instance, supermarkets or groceries stores will only need countertop terminals, as their payment points are fixed, at the cashier desk. However, for bars or restaurants, portable PDQs are a better way of processing payments, as it offers customers the convenience of settling their bill without having to stand up from the table and follow their waiters at the cashier desk. Apart from these variations that are mostly connected to the types of terminals, a credit card merchant service can also provide your business with other solutions, such as e-commerce payment systems. Even though you might not sell any product or service online yet, the Internet is virtually taking over all fields and industry and consumers are already using online shopping for most of their purchasing needs, so sooner or later you might want to add this solution to your business and start selling on the web. In this case, your customers will definitely be paying by card, so you need an e-commerce credit and debit card payment system.


There are several businesses, such as insurance companies or businesses that are usually paid by direct debits, which also need to take payments by phone. This is especially the case with corporate customers or businessmen who are usually very busy and always on the go, considering that it is much faster and easier to simply ring the company and make a payment rather than go on their website and take the time to set up a direct debit or pay online. When it comes to over the phone sales, there is a different phone credit and debit card payment system that a processing specialist should offer.