Hair has always been considered a symbol of beauty and charm, youth and vigor, therefore hair loss has a strong negative impact on self-image. If given the choice, no one would ever want to lose their hair, but according to numerous studies and surveys on this topic, four out of ten men report hair loss. The fear of losing one?s hair and the distress it causes is often ignored in the discussions about pattern baldness, but things need to change. We have to admit that hair plays an essential role in determining personal attractiveness and social perceptions, which means that this condition greatly affects our self-esteem and social life. Men suffering from pattern baldness are less likely to be in a stable romantic relationship. Reduced self-confidence in their own attractiveness is the main reason why these men stopped pursuing life partners. There are only a few efficient treatments and solutions to this problem, which greatly contributes to the feeling of distress felt by patients. In the past, besides fearing the fact that they will eventually become bald and unattractive, men with pattern baldness also needed to cope with the idea that there is nothing they ca do to stop the process. Nowadays, there are several treatments that have shown positive results and the most popular one is a combination of Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid. Hair transplant is also an efficient solution, but an expensive and short-term one.


The psychological impact of hair loss differs from man to man, but most patients have reported not only feelings of distress, but also depression. Most men prefer to ignore the signs of pattern baldness when they first appear. The denial stage is normal, because we talk about a condition with seemingly inevitable consequences. If they have no hope of curing it, they prefer to ignore it. However, pattern baldness can be slowed down with Minoxidil Azelaic Acid products. In fact, minoxidil also helps with hair regrowth and revitalization, so men are urged to start treatment as soon as they see the first signs of hair loss to ensure that they will be able to enjoy the feeling of crossing their hands through their hair for a longer time. After successful treatment, men have also reported psychological benefits such as a boost of self-esteem and personal attractiveness. However, only a few men pursue treatment despite the growing evidence that Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid? offers long term results.


There are still unanswered questions about pattern baldness such as its exact cause, but also what factors influence men?s unwillingness to pursuit treatment. The psychological outcome of hair loss might be the answer, but further studies need to be done to establish this fact. Until then specialists urge men to start treatment as soon as possible. You can purchase Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid online without prescription from specialized suppliers such as If you suffer from hair loss, you have a chance of improving your condition and your life, so you should order this product and see the results for yourself.