Secrecy and data isolation has always been a part of this industry, but specialists believe that it is high time things changed. Independent logistic providers have a lot to lose by keeping their operations secret and refusing cooperation. With the freight forwarding sector moving towards globalization at a rapid pace, not to mention the emergences of multinationals that hold the monopoly on this market, individual forwarders should join forces to ensure they will still be relevant in the future. It is getting harder and harder for small freight forwarding companies to win big contracts, so the only viable solution is to stop maintaining a veil of secrecy with supply chain partners and become part of a larger network or alliance. You can achieve trusted partnerships and keep confidential information segregated at the same time by becoming part of an alliance. Positive sharing will not only enable you to have a reliable partner you can depend upon, it will also help everyone part of the network improve their business potential by increasing their range of clients. A freight forwarder network is comparable with a multinational that operates all over the world and can offer cargo-shipping services from any part of the world.


Independent freight forwarders on the other hand cannot stand alone and handle large shipping requirements without the help of a partner. In order to provide full service delivery, you need to collaborate with others working in the same industry. End customers will look for the fastest, most reliable and affordable services, so the chances of signing an important contract get lower and lower every day with the monopoly being help by large enterprises. A freight forwarder network comparable in dimension and power with a multinational will offer independent freight forwarders the opportunity to catch bigger contracts and stay afloat on the market. This type of alliances are created with the purpose of benefiting everyone involved. Nowadays, a global network of independent freight forwarders is not impossible to achieve and there are numerous such alliances available. Data exchange reduces the processing time of freight shipments, not to mention that you can follow the progress of a shipment with a single click.


An efficient data flow between partners will increase efficiency and improve service quality. Independent forwarders cannot handle large shipments by themselves, so collaboration with other providers is required. If you are already part of an alliance, you can rely on their help and exchange information without any worries, because it is in the interest of both partners the cargo shipment to be a success. An efficient data flow will also eradicate errors when introducing information about cargo and costumers. The volume of cargo being transported all over the world has increased dramatically in the past few years, but a better data flow and cargo alliances such as made shipment more efficient and less error-prone. If you think about freight forwarding from a global perspective, becoming part of a network is the smart thing to do.