Taking into consideration that the French average doctor earns more than an experienced doctor in the East of Europe, you may wonder how come that France still has plenty of vacancies in hospitals. The truth is that the country is having trouble recruiting from the national pool of candidates, which is why in the past years it has started to accept and even encourage other European doctors to apply for their jobs. There is a wide variety of vacancies available for international candidates, and the good news is that there are also dedicated web sites which facilitate the promotion and recruiting process, such as medico-jobs.fr. These platforms not only display the jobs available on the medical market of France, but they also offer professional consultancy to the applicants and mediate the relationship between the employer and the employee. Lately, more and more doctors from east European countries, such as Romania or Bulgaria, are striving to get a job abroad, due to satisfactory salaries, great working conditions and resourceful learning environment.


It seems that the need for doctors in France is influenced by social trends and by the development of certain regions, because the shortage is not present in the whole country. The most affected regions are the Picardie, Haute-Normandie and Poitou-Charentes. The vacancies belong to many different sub-domains, and medical institutions are striving for recrutement chirurgiens, general practitioners and even family physicians. The experts have warned the authorities about the shortage that was about to come years ago, taking into consideration that France has about 325 doctors to answer the needs of more than 100,000 inhabitants. This is way below the accepted limit. For those who choose to get a specialized degree, the salaries are bigger, but the generalists seem to work for less money, and this represents the main reason for which France is now facing a shortage as far as the local applicants are concerned. As a consequence, hospitals and pharmacies have started to open the gates to foreign candidates, trying to plan recrutement pharmaciens or generalists.


While the wages tend to be insufficient for French specialists, those who have graduated and experienced medical systems from Eastern countries seem to find the offers very appealing. Besides the financial part, the learning experience is also extremely important for doctors, who must always improve their techniques and constantly acquire more knowledge. A proficient medical environment means a new development opportunity, which is why recent graduates and even experienced doctors choose to go and work abroad. Having access to the latest devices and technologies can empower a doctor to do great things, and in spite of everything, the French medical system has all the necessary means. In order to select and maintain their specialists, the authorities have developed a series of programs and make use of all the methods available on the market. One of these is represented by online platforms and recruiting companies, which sometimes even deliver language classes to their candidates, in order for them to be well prepared and integrate easier.