When it comes to planning a wedding, each detail seems to be relevant. There are so many decisions to make, that most people would feel overwhelmed, and one of the most important is choosing the right photographer. The most unforgettable memories have to be captured in the pictures, and these must look genuine and spontaneous, yet professional. Wedding photography has become a huge industry lately, and professionals are doing everything they can in order to bring innovation to their work. From performing devices, such as 3d robotics drones, to original decorations and editing programs, all of these represent the manner through which each photographer is striving to deliver the best services to their clients. The final result must be impeccable and also suit the clients? personalities, but since trends change very fast, you will have to discuss in advance with your photographer, in order to avoid surprises. Here are some of the latest tendencies as far as wedding shooting sessions are concerned.


First things first, and this is the reason for which nowadays some couples choose to have proposal and engagement sessions. This, of course, depends mostly on the groom: since he is the one who decides when the proposal will take place, he also has to hire somebody to capture the moment. Taking into consideration that the future bride has no idea about what is happening, the pictures will turn out extremely natural and full of overwhelming emotions. In addition to this, the engagement shooting can also be used as a rehearsal session, during which you will get used to the person behind the camera. Most people do not feel comfortable when they are taken pictures of, so in order to avoid looking wry in all the wedding photos, you should ask the photographer if they are available for another session. This also represents an occasion for you to notice if they have experience and use professional equipment, such as that provided by Heliboss.


As far as the style of the pictures is concerned, slow motion photos are extremely popular. This means that the couple is installed in an animated d?cor, such as a crossroad or train station, and while everything else moves around them their photography remains still and is mixed in a short video. The results are often very meaningful, which is why more and more couples seem to be eager to try this. Another popular trend is represented by selfie or overhead shots. These are possible due to some new devices, such as the selfie stick or DJI Phantom Drone, that professional photographers have started to use in order to obtain the most original angles. Aerial pictures are very beautiful and natural, because they capture genuine feelings and facial expressions, taking into consideration that most of the time the grooms do not even know the pictures are taken. The whole atmosphere and celebration spirit is rendered in a photo where everybody is natural and feels comfortable. Individual portraits are also in great demand: the bride and the groom schedule separate sessions, and the resulting pictures are edited simultaneously.