As a house owner, you will gradually discover that there are plenty of domestic wastes that make you lose money, month after month. If you live in an older house, chances are that the supply systems are no longer working property. Water leaks, for example, are the main reason for water wastes in most households, as well as plumbing fixtures and fittings. Even if few people know, recent studies have shown that a normal home can lose between 7.6 cubic meters to 76 cubic meters each year, and the main reason is abnormalities of the pipe supply system. Most of the times, the leaks such as dripping faucets or defective water heaters are obvious, but sometimes these cannot be noticed with the bare eye, which is why you may need to use the services of a professional company, such as Alco Service. This is something experts consider very necessary, given the fact that some hidden leaks can stay undiscovered for many years, leading to considerable losses for house owners.


The main reason for which experts recommend people to check the supply systems of their properties is definitely the huge losses they are experiencing. The leaks can occur in multiple places around the house, especially if you have multiple faucets, showers or tubs and you use automatic water pieces of equipment, such as washing machines. Most of the times, the faucets are the ones that break down first, but this problem can be fixed with a basic repair or replacement. In case a dripping faucet is not an issue you find bothering, then you should know that it will gradually get worse, and you may have to change the whole system. Even if it is only dripping slowly, during one year that faucet will make you waste about 4 cubic meters. Besides that, ?invisible? leaks also add a considerable quality of wasted water ? this means a lot of money and also a lot of harm for the environment. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, you should request specialized inspections, including videoispezioni tubazioni. These are performed by trained staff, with performing pieces of equipment, and you cannot do these by yourself. Another important reason why you should check your water pipes regularly is humidity, which is likely to accumulate in your house if a pipe loses water. As soon as humidity finds its way to the walls, floors and ceilings, you will have to deal with other issues. Mold will appear, ruining the wall painting and damaging plaster and wood. Furthermore, since it multiplies very fast, it can become a real danger for your family?s health.


As you can see perdite idriche should be prevented by any means. If you are not very skillful with using tools or performing household maintenance operations, the best thing you could do is ask for the services of a specialized company, they will use performing techniques and equipment, so that you can forget about unpleasant leaks, avoid humidity and mold and have a safe home.