Medical marijuana is the use of cannabis and cannabinoids as medicine to treat various diseases and alleviate pain and symptoms. The medicinal use of marijuana dates back thousands of years, many cultures across the globe using it to reduce nausea and pain, increase the appetite and eliminate muscle spasticity. Considering the fact that cannabis is a plant that can yield both drug and fiber at the same time, it is not surprising that humanity has been using it for so long, that is, until it became illegal in the twenties. The first recorded use of marijuana as therapy is attributed to a Chinese Emperor Shen Nung in 2737 B.C., which is not unexpected with Asia?s long history of using herbs and plants in therapy. The drug was used for spiritual and medical purposes around the world, including in the western societies ever since then. The potential of cannabis to efficiently treat a great number of grave medical conditions such as AIDS and cancer has made the legalization of this drug a controversial topic today. There are 22 states in the US where you can find a legal marijuana dispensary, but the use of cannabis even as medicine is still illegal under federal law.


Even though it was used with success in the past, its status as a potentially toxic drug is difficult to overcome without the support of the government. Studies show no dangerous side-effects, but despite the growing number of conclusive tests that have not identified negative effects of the plant the cannabis plant has yet to be legalized. In fact, scientists and medics that studied the cannabis plant and its effects recommend it as a primary therapy for a series of grave diseases. Under federal law, you cannot plant, grow, own or use marijuana, but things are starting to change and the bill to legalize cannabis for medical purposes has been passed in more than twenty states. Things have progressed rapidly ever since with numerous dispensaries and growers emerging and the demand increasing every year.


However, suppliers and growers of legal marijuana are still raided by the authorities, because of the federal law that prohibits the use of marijuana under any circumstances. This problem has put people that depend on the medicine in a tough spot, because they cannot get access to their legal marijuana dispensary. An innovative solution has been introduced, the medical marijuana dispensary locator, which is basically a mobile app that shows you the nearest locations where you can find a medical marijuana dispensary. You can download the app from It seems that during pre-modern times, people had a better understanding of cannabis. The plant was used not only in Asia as therapy, but also in medieval Germany as medicine to relieve pain during childbirth and for toothaches. After studying the history of cannabis, you can say that the idea of the plant as being toxic and evil is new and its illegality an anomaly.