One might think that hydroponics systems are a very modern development in the agricultural field, but the truth is that this system has been around for thousands of years! Everyone has heard of the Hanging gardens of Babylon, as they are one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, but nobody stopped to think that these gardens functions by the similar principles of hydroponics. Since they were built in an area with a dry climate, historians believe the rich vegetation was watered through a system that carried water up the structure and thus maintained the vegetation alive. These days people have access to canna coco nutrients and other things designed to help their plants, which is why it is so incredible the fact that ancient civilizations managed to obtain similar results with fewer nutrients.


Furthermore, during the 10th centuries, the Aztecs also used a similar system to create their floating gardens. Because of the mushy shore in that area, few crops actually managed to reach their full potential on their own. This is why the Aztecs created some rafts, on which they added a little lake soil. The plants would grow through the raft and their roots would reach the surface of the lake and draw their water from there. Even though they may not have had the same hydroponics supplies like we do these days such as a rhino carbon filter, they applied the same principles. Moving further down the line of history, the official research of hydroponics systems only began in the early 1600s, when Sir Francis Bacon started to study soil-less gardening and sparked the interest of many researchers.


Over the years, other research studies were made that discovered the fact plants actually grew faster in water solutions as opposed to regular soil. And this is how they eventually came to the nutrient solutions available on today?s market. There is a lot of research in this field, all of which proves the benefits of this type of agriculture and how it can help people develop new businesses or use it for their personal gardens. In today?s market, people can find anything they need to try this type of system. There are dedicated companies that offer a wide variety of hydroponics supplies, allowing those who are interested in this subject. Whether they live in areas where agriculture is not possible or they live in large cities where they do not have access to a garden, this is a great solution to their problems.


Even though this agricultural technique is not without controversy, the fact is that it has been around for a very long time and people are just now starting to actually appreciate everything it has to offer. Since the food situation at a global level become more serious every year, this type of gardening is considered to be an option that more and more people will try. Companies such as Easy Grow Hydroponics offer their clients anything they need to start this type of system. From the starter kits to the supplies and nutrients they need to maintain their systems, everything is easily available online and can be delivered in a very effective time frame. This is a great business idea for those who want to enter the food industry and an even better hobby for those who want to grow their own vegetables and try something new.