Many vacation package deals include this exotic destination owing to the fact that it is conveniently located next to the Caribbean Sea and everyone is well aware of the fact that tourists go on vacations mainly to lie in the sun all day and relax, but not only. Cozumel tours have a lot to offer in terms of attractions and activities that people can engage in. One of the many reasons for which millions of tourists all around the world in order to recreate is represented by the fact that the island enjoys tropical weather which makes it more than perfect to spend your holiday there and enjoy beautiful scenery. Although the island has an opening to the Caribbean Sea, it is also closely located to the Playa del Carmen. Moreover, tourist can easily reach Cozumel because the island benefits from the presence of an international airport.

To begin with, the Caribbean island may not be well known for its beaches, but the fact is that the cost line measures up to 32 miles and they are surrounded by coral reefs, not to mention the fact that the beaches are filled with clear sand. Examples of popular beaches include Playa Uvas, San Francisco and Playa Corona. What is even more interesting is that each particular beach is suitable either for enjoying time with the family or bathing in the sun. While some areas are quitter than others, the eastern side of the island is unaffected by the touch of man. The coral reefs are part of the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park and tourists are searching for things to do in Cozumel are offered the opportunity of making dives in the area that can go as down as 130 feet in depth. Tourists are also able to purchase scuba equipment and lessons are frequently carried out by instructors. The fascination is even greater owing to the fact that this island used to be the main pilgrimage destination for those who desired to get a chance to please the sun gods. In addition to this, it is worth knowing that during the 17th to the 19th century the Caribbean island used to serve as a refuge for pirates and all sorts of smugglers. Among the famous characters that are said to have visited to visit the island mention can be made of Henry Morgan or John Silver.

The closeness to the sea is highly beneficial for the tourist who can discover the busy port of Cozumel. This means that ferries go by on a daily basis and they head towards the mainland, more precisely to Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Besides beautiful scenery and clear waters, tourists are invited to discover the cultural attractions of the Caribbean island with the travel packages offered by Olympus Tours. For instance, Cozumel is the home of many Mayan ruins such as the San Gervasio which is just one of the 24 sites that the tourist can discover. The sites are located in various locations such as jungles. San Gervasio was built in 800 AD and it is still standing together with the Temple Ix-chel. To conclude, the island has a comprehensive museum for those who want to discover more on the history of the place and its people.