In this day and age, everyone has an online presence. Regardless if we are talking about a personal page on one or more of the top social media websites, private blogs, video channels or any other modern form of expression, the contemporary individual is as connected to the world via technology as he or she can be. Nothing has become more important than building our social profiles and they grow alongside us, being shaped by everything we do and becoming a prime focus point on a frequent basis. The rise of social media platforms and increasingly larger expansion of the online world have created a new generation of users, those who cannot live without documenting each action of their life and expressing every thought that passes through their minds. Even the notion of travelling has been altered! For everyone across the globe, making a holiday photo album is the number one activity which needs to be done during or after that vacation but the album and its pictures are not the traditional ones you would expect to see. As a matter of fact, to keep in line with modern tendencies, everyone creates online albums nowadays and people of all ages and cultures learn how to share holiday pictures so that their friends and family can enjoy a small glimpse of their joy and happiness of travelling. Not all tourists take millions of pictures, but even those who only choose a handful of landmarks to immortalize will want to share their accomplishments. This is precisely why websites such as Ourpicture4u have been created and also why you should definitely keep reading this article and find out the fastest, most rewarding way of showing off your latest holiday achievements.


From family photos to corporate reunion group photography, from friends taking instant shots of themselves to couples commemorating their love and togetherness, there is no one on this planet who doesn?t take at least a photo every week. Surprisingly or not, most of these images are captured not to be preserved as eternal memories, although this was their main role in the past, but rather made exactly with the purpose to be broadcasted to the Internet. The desire to let others see where we stay, what we visit and how good we are enjoying ourselves trumps the desire to actually spend time doing those activities.


It is not uncommon for the modern day person to lean over the phone and text, type or share images directly when they happen which takes us to a very important feature of the top social media sites: speed! Websites like the one mentioned above are all focused on one single aspect: allowing users to upload their desired images as fast as possible. This enables fans of social media to post more pictures in the same amount of time and to have plenty of spare moments to enjoy their location after the uploading process is complete. To find a top platform, you need to recognize some of the following features: ability to post graphics, videos and icons as well as imagery, email sharing possibilities and also Facebook and Twitter links to directly broadcast your photos. What more can you ask for?