If you ask people which the part of their body they are less proud (or even ashamed) of is, a large number is likely to answer that it is their feet. This is mostly due to the fact that is the part less shown, so offering it special attention and care is most of the time neglected. However, even if you spend most of the time during your lifetime wearing shoes or socks, you still have to offer your feet some respect and special care. This is not only a matter of hygiene and health, but also a proof of the fact that you are preoccupied about your appearance and you pay attention to details. Taking into consideration that they support the whole weight of your body, are forced into uncomfortable shoes, such as high heels or boots and kept covered almost always, it is no wonder that Hornhaut F??e represents a condition most people suffer from, at least at some point in their lives. In order to avoid this or swollen feet, the best thing you could do is to offer them complex treatment from time to time, but in case you cannot afford a spa session or expensive treatments, there are some things you could do to make sure your feet are beautiful and healthy.

To begin with, you must get used to washing the spaces between your toes regularly: use delicate soap and a clean cloth or special bath sponge, moist the feet under the faucets and then rub gently, to remove dead cells from the exterior layer of the skin. Do not use any chemical detergents or rough salts, because these will over dry your feet and have almost no medical benefit. Even if most people do not dry their feet after they take a bath, you have to know that this is vital for their hygiene and helps you avoid various odors, bacteria or fungi. Just as you hydrate your skin after the shower, do the same with your feet: moisture them after the bath, especially during the cold season when it is well known that the extremities of your body (including the hands) feel the frost more than the others. Use a mild lotion or cream, and this will help you F??e Hornhaut entfernen. Another important thing is to change your shoes as often as possible: of course sporting shoes and sneakers are the most comfortable, but if you cannot wear these daily, try various shapes and styles. Avoid over wearing only one pair and give them time to air out, because the odors and bacteria inevitably accumulated in the shoes can lead to infections and smelly feet. Do not wear tight shoes even if they do not make you calluses, because they may modify the bones and facilitate the appearance of pain or swelling.

If you want o pamper yourself and give your feet a well deserved treatment, you could try EpilFeet, a professional product which will soften the skin, eliminate calluses and cracked skin. It works like a natural exfoliator on the skin consisting in dead cells and has no negative effect on the healthy layers, which is why your feet will remain beautiful and healthy.