If you have never been in a real casino, you may find it impossible to play online, since you do not know who things are actually going on. The thing is: it is way simpler to play online, from the comfort and intimacy of your house, than from a crowded place where you may not be able to concentrate and build winning strategies. For this reason, virtual or online live casinos, the alternative of traditional casinos and have become more and more popular in the past years, due to technological evolution. There are many types if virtual casinos: web-based, download-based, virtual games and live dealer games, and playing any of them requires only having a computer and internet connection. In a live dealer game, you will not play only with a machine, because there is an actual person who runs the game in real time from an actual gaming table, and you will be in touch with them through your computer screen while also being able to communicate through a chat function. Every step of the game involves technology, which is why the results will be way more accurate: the movements of the dealer, let?s say the results of the roulette wheel, are transformed into information that the game?s software uses for the economy of the game. You may wonder how this is possible, but the answer is simple: the software uses the OCR technology – optical character recognition, through which all the movements are registered, processed automatically and converted into virtual data.

Taking into consideration that this type of online games involves a lot of technology, late hour devices and also the time of the person in charge of the table, only the most popular games are available in this format. However, you have plenty of alternatives as far as live dealer casino games are concerned: you can play Live Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Sic Bo or Pai Gow. Since the costs of running an online casino are very low, the owners are likely to invest in offering their clients a wide range of gaming possibilities, in order create a pool of loyal users, which is why diversity represents another advantage of virtual casinos. In addition to this, some games, such as the Blackjack seem to be available in more variations than you could normally find in a ?brick and mortar? casino, so if you choose to play online you are likely to have a richer playing experience.

Besides the possibility of choosing from various options, another important benefit of playing online is that cheating does not represent a problem anymore. This is one of the main reasons that made online gaming pages, such as livecasinos24.com, so popular: there is no suspicion about other players cheating. Since everything is processed automatically and the dealer is a neutral person and you can clearly see all their moves, there is a high degree of transparency and you cannot ?blame? anything else but the odds and your strategies for your wins or losses.