In today?s highly technological era a PR campaign based on press tours, tradeshows and press releases is outdated. Advertising has developed together with the internet and recent innovations in mobile technology have certainly started a revolution. The web has become the playfield for small entreprises, thus offering them the chance to compete with big corporations. In recent years, online marketing has managed to appeal to an unforeseen number of customers due to the facilities presented by home shopping. Conducting small business internet marketing is translated into the maximization of business prospects. The word on the street is that anyone can make a fortune overnight.

The main advantage of internet marketing is visibility. It is a certified that a permanent presence will give you the recognition you have been striving for so long. In the past, people had to work tremendously to make a name for themselves by placing advertisements in local areas, while virtual broadcasting offers a practically endless list of customers. Moreover, activity is does not have a curfew. Virtual stores that offer ready-made products are open at all hours of the day, and entrepreneurs are believed to make money even during sleep. Companies such as 1st Page Local assist beginners increasing their visibility and expanding their client list. In addition to this, cyberspace ensures the creation of permanent links between individuals. Joining a local chamber of commerce is out of the question. At present, entrepreneurs enjoy a range of options such as chat rooms and forums.

Another great advantage of marketing your activity on the internet is the low cost. Starting an online company is less expensive than having to advertise in old-fashioned media, where clients are harder to reach. Virtual stores cost next to nothing and the general expenses are reasonable. Some companies advertise exclusively on the web. Brands in their turn have poached Instagram on the grounds that it surpasses words, product pictures, sales and offers; the same is with other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Social media outlets win customers through special discount codes and coupons. Small business online marketing is a strategy that is being adopted by more and more amateurs. Social media outlets provide free participation and viral marketing. In order to make themselves noticeable to viewers, companies convey their message on cyberspace, that is products and services, by means of text, images, audio and video.

Nowadays, virtual advertising is mandatory because customers expect a company to have a website. Browsing has become something of a second nature for many of us and customers tend to rely more upon the internet than on traditional means of information. A company that does not have its own website is not considered genuine. This marketing strategy can apply to small businesses such as local restaurants and shoe stores because trade is not bound to geographical spheres anymore. With social platforms like Instagram you do not have to follow the client and the client does not have to necessarily follow the company owing to the fact that instant updates and tags ensure that the message is being constantly broadcasted and shared.