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Last updated 09-03-02

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Ariannel Update: October 4th, 2001
I was recently interviewed again about my synaesthesia!  This time it was by the wonderful Eris who is doing an independent study at her college, I believe.  Anyway, during our conversation, something struck me as odd.  We were talking about how we write our I's and our L's.  Some people write I in a straight line.  I tend to write it as "I" with the lines across the top.  That's how I write it, I must stress.  I write it like that as to not confuse myself with the letter "L" as some people also tend to write it in a straight line.  Do you follow me so far?  *grin*  Now, I, and Eris, noticed that the font that I picked for my pages is "Arial" which does not differentiate between a capital "i" and a lowercase "l".  Why is that?  Why am I comfortable with it being a font on a computer, but I can't handle writing it that way?  I thought it might have been attributed to my synaesthesia, but I think it might just be an anal habit of mine instead.  Eris stated that the colors are confusing for her if they look the same and that's why she can't handle font like "Arial".  I think that it might be the case with me too, but just mildly.  If it flows with a font, I'm alright with the letter "i" being a straight line in uppercase.  Perhaps it's because I'm not a projector like she is.  She is probably more sensitive to it than I am.  That's my theory anyway.  If anyone else has a different answer, please feel free to let me know!

Ariannel Update: August 13th, 2001
Ok, on my birthday, August 10th, I was called by an associate at the University of Waterloo for a 25-30 minute "interview" about my synaesthesia.  I was rather nervous as I had never talked to anyone "professional" about my syn.  There were a lot of questions that I was asked, and answered to the best of my ability.  I was extremely excited to even have been called and I think my excitability was apparent. -_-  *sigh* Anyway, my biggest regret is that I didn't ask enough questions.  I couldn't think of anything at the time.  But now I have several questions I can think of to have asked her.  Grrr.... 

Ariannel Update: July 2nd, 2001
Currently, I am thinking about buying some books on synaesthesia and expanding my knowledge on this condition.  I am also considering signing up for testing.  If anyone who has done testing on this, could you email me about it?  I'm a little curious as I don't want to sign up for it and then find out that that I'll have prods going through my brain and end up having 50 stitches.  =) (
Just kidding about the prods and stitches, though.)