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Last updated 09-03-02

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My thoughts on Synaesthesia.

Ever since I found out about this, I've been like a chicken with it's head cut off.  I've spent hours and hours of researching and surfing the web trying to find out everything possible about this condition the cheap way.  I think I've exhausted my resources on the web now.  But then again, maybe not. 

Knowing I have this condition has surprised my tremendously, needless to say.  Honestly, I didn't know such a thing existed as a "rare" condition.  I thought I was completely normal.  And even now, I wonder if it's just all in my head.  (Well, it is, but.... you know what I mean...)  Sometimes when I see other people's types of syn, I am in awe of all that they can see or perceive.  I wish I am able to do that.  For example, seeing musical notes in color.  I just can't do that!  It's either high, medium, or low pitched.  However, higher notes tend to be white, middle notes are gray, and low notes are black.  I don't know if that counts because the colors are all black and white. 
Also, some people can taste something and see shapes.  Like someone may say that the taste of a banana is like a bunch of tiny circles rotating counter-clockwise.  I wish I could see that.  Or feel shapes in accordance with sound.  Such as, the sound of a flute tickles their nose, or brushes past their backbone.  I would like to feel that.  For me, music is just a great emotional sensation.  I get shivers or tears if I listen to music that is extremely moving, and some songs that I love very much will have certain colors, pictures, or patterns associated with it.  Otherwise, if it's not moving for me, it's just a dull gray or a blank. 
Some people can taste colors!  Imagine that!  I can't.  Colors haven't any specific taste.  However, I can associate light pastel colors with "sweet".  And also, specifically, a certain olive green color I just associate with "stinky".  I don't know why.  Any other colors I can't identify smell or taste with it.

There are several combinations of senses, although, some have not been documented.  I'm excited to learn more about this and know what everyone else feels and experiences through synaesthesia.  And, I hope that those who do not have synaesthesia, can find something about themselves which is remarkable and unique as well.  Everyone deserves that, I think.   Well, enough of my blab. 

   Signing off for now,