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Last updated 09-03-02

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Last update:  September 2nd, 2002

So, what kind of synaesthesia does Ariannel have?

Good question!  Well, first off, I have internal color-letter/color-number synaesthesia which means my letters and numbers have specific colors, genders, and personalities and ages.  Furthermore, I see everything in my head.  It is not projected outward  (More on this further below).
I am able to see colors when I listen to music.  However, my sight/sound perception is a bit mild compared to other synaesthetes.  I can only see patterns and colors to music I completely enjoy.  Example being, if I listen to country, heavy metal, or rap, I can't identify anything else than extreme distaste for this (although country music as a whole seems yellow, heavy metal seems gray, and rap seems black or dark brown).  However, if I'm listening to techno, new age, or some alternative music, each song will have a certain pattern and combination of colors that I see every time I hear it.  And going with the beat and sounds in the music, the vision will change or flux accordingly.

Those two types are what I experience most.  Very occasionally will I smell something and identify it with a color, or taste something and identify it with a shape.  These instances are so seldom that I cannot recall exactly which smells or tastes elicit the appropriate responses.  I do remember some things however.  Such as, the smell of a family owned convenient store in Panama City, Panama smells yellow-brown.  ^_^  The smell of a fish, no matter what color, smells silver (probably attributed to the silver scales that some fish have).  As far as tastes go, those experiences happen once in a blue moon and I can't recall anything specific of what I have experienced in regards to that other than the fact that I have experienced it. 

Many synaesthetes can recall embarrassing experiences when they were younger in trying to express their perceptions.  I am one of them.  Well, I should say, my experience was not so embarrassing.  I've talked about my letter/number/gender combinations several times in childhood.  I remember one time I asked a friend what gender they thought certain numbers were, I got a heated debate whether 2 is male or female.  I happen to think it's female.  ^_^  My friend said it was male.  Looking back, I realize that my childhood friend must have had synaesthesia too.  At the time, though, I thought such thoughts were normal and that my friend was just being stupid because, you know, everyone knows 2's are girls, right? Wrong.  As I found out later when asking my siblings, other friends, mother and father about this, I just got a blank stare and/or a "uh huh... right, honey" response.   I let it go then.  I didn't find out until later that what I experience is an actual "condition" until a month ago.  I was so excited to know that what I had been experiencing all my life wasn't a delusion after all!  I was mad-researching for 4 days straight and I read almost everything that was possible to read on the internet about synaesthesia.  After that, I calmed down and started asking around again.  I think my sister has synaesthesia, but she doesn't associate numbers and letters with colors.  Rather, she sees era's, weeks, days, and months as different colors.  I am the same way. 

Some things that I've noticed about myself has come out while analyzing all the different quirks that I and other synaesthetes have.  Such as, I've just started to discuss a feeling that I've been experiencing since puberty.  It's kinda hard to explain, and a little embarrassing, but it's like a heightened sense of "being".  At certain times, and it's uncontrollable, I feel a sort of out-of-body experience where I feel like I'm on the outside looking in on my life.  Like I'm an observer, not a participant of my life.  During these experiences I feel a strange sense of peace and security.  This will last anywhere form 30 seconds to 5 minutes when then I'm finally shaken out of my revelation and feel a sense of discontentment.  These "lapses", as I call them, are considerably dangerous when I'm operating heavy machinery like my car.  =)   I have identified with at least one other person who experiences this as well.  I have a feeling that this may be wholly unrelated to synaesthesia, but it's nice to be able to identify such little quirks while I'm in the process of discovering yourself.  If there is anything more I find out about myself, I'll make sure I let you know. 

As a side note, I am right-handed, suck at math, semi-okay direction sense as in I can find places by recognizing certain areas as a specific tree or a white fence.  The cardinal directions might as well be foreign to me for all the good it does me.  I have a tough time recognizing my right from my left immediately.  I am female

Now, on with my chromagraph.  From here I will list how I view my letters, numbers, days, months, and centuries.

Young, cocky male.
Old female, prudish.
young child, rambunctious.
male, young, bookish.
Neutral, no real personality.
Male, bookish like D, only more so.
female, young, nice and easy-going.
male, bookish, middle aged, secluded.
Male, cocky, rude.
female, fun, sweet, kinda tomboy.
female, a bit snobbish and shallow.
female, lovely, sweet, adored.
male, middle aged, N's husband.
female, middle aged, M's wife.
Neutral, omniscient, all-knowing.
Female, womanly, soft and caring.
not sure the color, dominating woman.
Male, boy-next-door.
Beautiful, graceful, angelic, light.
Male, easy-going. fun.
Female, personality unknown for sure. Color fades in and out from gray to light purple.
Female,  sexy, very womanly.
Male, weird, personality and color fade in and out.
Male, personality unknown.
Fades from yellow to gray, female. Personality unknown.
Old, all-knowing woman.  "Mother Abigail" type.  Very good and wise.

What's funny is my numbers start out similar to my letters.  Why?  I don't know.

Male, cocky, like "A".
female, sweet, good.
male, child, rambunctious.
Female, bookish, sweet.
female, active, out-going, fun.
Female, quiet, introvert.
Male, laid-back
Male, older man, comforting.
Female, sexy, like "V".
Just like O.  No gender or personality.  God-like.

These colors aren't exact.  They are the closest I can come to what I see in my head.  Some of these fluctuate from being female and male or really do have no gender at all.  

Oookie.  Well, onto my days of the week.  They look something like this:

Now, The colors for the actual words of days of the week are completely different.  I just used black and white to make it easier to see. ^_^;  Saturday and Sunday are raised higher than the rest of the days of the week.  Weekdays are like in a low valley and Saturday/Sunday's are like the pinnacle of a mountain. The colors aren't exactly right either.  Monday is more of a blue-gray.  Tuesday is the same, but more gray than blue. Wednesday is alright, so is Thursday.  Friday is way too difficult, so I didn't want to try it.  Even I have problems figuring out what color it is... o.O  As a side note, I can't stand the colors of the week.  Blech.  They're all rotten.