Although binary options may seem a complicated concept or activity, requiring financial knowledge and experience, you should know that this is not quite true: everybody can start trading, which is why in the past years this activity has become very popular all over the world. If you are a beginner, the main thing you should know is that you have to collaborate with a reputable broker, and you will be surprised how many doubtful choices there are on the market. In order to choose a reputable broker, you have to make a small research in advance, and fortunately now you can find reviews and recommendations on dedicated web sites, which offer relevant information about many brokers. One of these is Is-scam, an online platform offering unexperienced traders (and not only) everything they have to know in order to start their trading activity in a secure environment.

Magnum Options, for instance, is an extremely popular broker, lunched in April 2013 and based in London, UK. Even if it has only about two years of experience on the market, this broker has managed to create a pool of loyal and committed traders, since it has one of the most user-friendly platforms. Due to the large number of untrustworthy brokers on the market, many people may ask if this one is actually reliable, but Magnum Options scam testing showed that it actually offers qualitative experiences and a secure trading environment for all its clients, helping them increase the profits. In case you are wondering of the broker is legit, you should know that the answer is positive: Magnum Options is a legitimate broker. Operating in the financial industry since 2013, there have never been any complaints or reclamations regarding the manner in which they develop their activity, and the endorsements of their stakeholders should convince you that Magnum Options does appreciate the people with whom they collaborate. Another proof of this is the fact that they provide 24/7 support service for their customers from US, Canada and UK, through almost any communication mean: email, telephone, live chat and so on ? the language used is exclusively English.

So in case you were considering to collaborate with this broker, but the question ?is Magnum Options a scam? occurred to you, there is nothing to worry about. Until the present moment, there have not been registered any complaints from the clients or from the financial institutions with whom they collaborate. All in all, Magnum Options is a stable and trustworthy broker, present on the trading market for about two years, during which it has never received any negative comments. They allow affordable bonuses, convenient withdrawal possibilities and various trading opportunities, and have managed to attract multiple financial entities in their activities. In addition to this, the education plan they provide to beginners plays an important role in engaging new traders. However, in case you still have doubts, you can look for other reviews a constant feedback on specialized web sites, because these are always demanding support from experience traders all over the world.