Pambula Beach is a very small town in New South Wales, Australia. With a population of only 655 people, the town is considered a perfect holiday destination for tourists looking for a friendly atmosphere and a relaxing time. Renowned for its playful and friendly kangaroos, the town has managed to attract many families, because children love the idea of getting near the fascinating animals. You will be able to take very interesting pictures, because you can see kangaroos at every step in Pambula Beach. They are part of this town?s charm and you will come to appreciate and love them as much as the townspeople do. A preferred family holiday destination just like the Merimbula holiday park, Pambula Beach offers many benefits such as barbecue and picnic areas during the holiday period, beautiful sand banks and of course the sea. Although relatively small, the town offers plenty of things to do including surfing and swimming. In fact most tourists are divided into two categories: families that come here with their children to spend quality time together and enjoy the breeze and surfers that wish to take advantage of the excellent surfing conditions here.


Pambula Beach has three main surfing beaches that are usually full of tourists and locals. If you are passionate about surfing, this town is an ideal spot. Although popular, the number of tourists is restricted by the size of the town, so you will have enough room to surf all day and even sunbathe without having to fight for your spot. The beaches are well known in the area, because they offer excellent surfing conditions, so you should hurry and book accommodation early to ensure that you will not be left out. The Main Beach curves beautifully around the bay and it reaches Merimbula, a township next to Pambula Beach. This is probably one of the most popular spots in the area as it represents a true attraction for people passionate about surfing. The Lions Beach is also popular among surfers, but it is also the ideal place to bring your family, because this is also where the Lions Park is located and you can start your day with a small picnic in nature and leave the kids to play to their heart?s content in the park or on the beach.


The mouth of the Pambula River also known as The River Mouth was a renowned surfing spot in the past, but nowadays not so much because of the lack of swell. There are no longer sufficient sand banks, so the area is no longer bulging with surfers, but the scenery is still mesmerizing. You can go for a walk along the river and simply enjoy nature and the breeze. You can find affordable accommodation in this town at and enjoy a holiday like no other. The best part about a vacation here is probably the fact that you get to relax and have fun at the same time. You will forget for once about the rush of the city and the stress accumulated at work.