Have you ever noticed that your favorite soap is in fact called beauty bar, moisturizing bar or body bar and does not have the word soap written anywhere on the label? The reason why commercial soap manufacturers have stopped using this term to describe their products is a legal ban that forced them to stop claiming to sell soap, when in fact they were selling detergent. There is a great difference between soap and detergent, so correct labeling was considered essential. Consumers have the right to know exactly what they are buying in order to make informed decisions. Unfortunately, the beauty bar is still quite misleading. People think this fancy name is used as means to enhance the product, when in fact it is used to hide the truth that you are purchasing and using detergent. Numerous campaigns rising awareness about the negative impact of detergents on the health of the user have been made and handmade soaps have finally started to gain ground against commercial soaps. Detergents are not only bad for the skin, but also for the environment.


The manufacturing process and the disposal of detergent water take their toll on the planet, polluting the air, contaminating groundwater and poisoning the environment. The luxurious beauty bars, despite their beautiful name and packaging, are made with synthetic lathering agents and dangerous chemicals. On the other hand, all natural soap is renowned for its benefits and the low environmental impact it has. This is why people are urged to use handmade natural soap rather than commercial body bars in order to protect their health and the environment. The new soap and detergent labeling rules make it easier for people that do not wish to use detergent on their skin to make the difference between genuine soap and fake soap.


Another interesting fact about the moisturizing bars is the fact that manufacturers of commercial body bars are in fact removing the glycerin resulted from saponification in order to use it in lotions and other beauty products. This means that body bars are in fact not that moisturizing, because glycerin is the substance responsible for leaving the skin smooth and soft. Contrary to their name, moisturizing bars can in fact dry your skin. If you have dry skin or sensible skin, it is advisable to use only all natural soap to ensure that your condition will not worsen in time. Handmade soaps have a very long history that goes back to antiquity. Their benefits and effectiveness has already been proven over and over again and now people have started to rediscover the benefic effects a natural soap can have on the skin. If you add the low environmental impact on the list of benefits, it is clear that natural handmade soap has been undermined for too long. Those interested in buying real soap made from natural ingredients should resort to reliable manufacturers like Simplysoaps.com. You can now find organic handmade soap for sale online, so switching from harmful detergent to natural soap is quite convenient.