Hemorrhoids, also names piles, are small blood veins located around the anus and rectum. It seems that about 70% of the adult population worldwide suffers from this condition, and the most common cause is chronic constipation. The blood vessels get swollen when there is a straining during bowel movements, due to high pressure. Other causes are represented by pregnancy, childbirth, long periods of time sitting on hard surfaces or lack of physical activity. However, both men and women suffer from sympt?mes des h?morro?des, which normally consist in bloody stool, itches or pain. In case you have experienced some of these, regardless the types of hemorrhoides you may have (they can be internal and external), they can be relieved through constant physical activity and through some easy nutritional tips. Make sure you have the right alimentation, in order to soften the stool, avoid constipation and thus spending less time on the toilet. This will definitely diminish the pressure in the anus? walls, and reduce irritation and inflammation of the blood vessels. It is no secret that the dietary routine is directly linked to a correct digestion and constipation, so here are some foods recommended by healthcare professionals, in order to prevent and relief hemorrhoids.

Pears ? these fruits should be included in every balanced diet, because they consist in a lot of fiber, which will definitely combat constipation. This nutritional element stimulates the bowel movement, and in addition to this, pears are also the best natural source of sorbitol, a laxative whose main feature is drawing water into the large intestine.

Figs ? long time known as a constipation remedy, figs have a laxative effect especially when eaten with their skin, because it is the part which consists in the most fiber. Buy the ripest figs, but be careful because they are extremely perishable and you have to eat them a day or two after you get them. In case you cannot find fresh figs, the dried ones (which can be kept even one year if you store them correctly), also have plenty laxative features.

Spinach ? this food has a nutritional profile that makes it the perfect choice for those who want h?morro?des hom?opathie through a healthy diet. It has beneficial effect for the entire digestive tract, cleansing and regenerating the cells. Magnesium is one of its gut health compounds, a substance extremely necessary of a proper bowel movement, which can be hardly found in our diet due to the amount of processed foods we are eating.

Oats ? a breakfast consisting in oatmeal is one of the best ways in which you can start your day. Oats represent a rich natural source of soluble fiber, which mixed with water is an excellent compound that prevents constipation, since it makes the stool softer. For this reason, you should let it soak for some hours before eating it.

Prunes ? just like pears and figs, these fruits have a high amount of fiber, very beneficial on the bowel.


Last and not least, water is the most important element for a healthy digestion. Just as stated on hemoroidetraitementrapide.com, a dedicated blog approaching hemorrhoids issues, hydration is very important of the human body. Drink as much water as you can, because otherwise, the entire fiber intake will have the reversed effect: instead of preventing constipation, it will favor it.