As same as humans, dogs can also be affected by severe conditions and probably the most important one is cancer. The diseases can evolve very fast, which is why everybody knows that the sooner you discover and diagnose it, the greater the chances of finding a suitable treatment option for your pet. There are chances at fighting off and prolonging your companion?s life, but only if you pay a lot of attention and identify any sign that may indicate a serious issue. Take your dog to a specialized veterinary consultation regularly ? annual check-ups are extremely relevant since they can bring your attention to symptoms you had not noticed before. However, a year may be too long, so you have to analyse your pet?s condition each and every day. Any change may be a sign of diseases, so do not ignore if something weird is happening to your companion. Fortunately, science has evolved and you can now find remedies in specialized drug stores such as Yunnan Baiyao. Given the fact that canines are susceptible to the same types of tumours as humans, experts say that there are some signs that may warn you and even help you diagnose an illness yourself. Read on to see what you should be looking for.

Probably the easiest sign you will notice in no time is an unusual odour. As a dog owner, you can probably recognize the common ?dog breath?, which is quite normal. However, as soon as you notice some sort of strange smell coming from the mouth, nose or even rectal area, you can be sure something is wrong. While sometimes it can be a mere digestive dysfunction, chances are the odour is due to a tumour. Go see a doctor immediately, and they will tell you whether the condition can be treated with Yunnan Baiyao capsule or it is something more serious. Another relevant sign is the emergence of abnormal bumps or lumps under the skin. Check your dog?s skin monthly and transform this into a habit, because it may spare you a lot of unpleasant surprises. The most sensitive and exposed areas are behind the ears and around the face ? there, ganglions may develop into tumours. Call the veterinary and make an appointment even for the smallest lump or irregularity, because it may be the incipit of cancer. No bump should be ignored, because tumours can grow very fast and before you know, your pet?s life may be in danger. Buy Yunnan Baiyao capsules for dogs as a starter pack of the treatment process and go on doing exactly what the doctor recommends.

Other significant symptoms may be appetite changes and weight loss. If your dog is used to eating a lot, but it suddenly lost its interest in means, then you should probably be concerned, because most of the times this is due to a serious illness. The same happens with weight loss ? unless you know the exact reason for which your dog is losing weight, you should start looking for an explanation. Many diseases cause appetite and weight loss and cancer is a common and serious one.