The IT market is probably the one with the fastest turnover, as new concepts and new designs of old concepts invade the market every season, bewildering consumers and always leaving them craving for more. This description is best suitable for the mobile phone market, as people are mostly attracted by smartphones and they always want the latest models. Due to the fact that the vast majority of smartphones are quite expensive and not easily affordable by the regular Joe, many consumers have long resorted to online platforms in order to buy a mobile phone, purchasing a second hand device instead of a new one, because some of them were actually quite new, with only a few months of usage and sometimes not even that. However, in order to afford even that price, most of them had to first sell their existing smartphone and only come up with the difference, but now a new trend has made its way onto the market, that of gadget exchange, which allows consumers to trade in mobile phone products and other gadgets for that matter.


The gadget exchange process is quite simple and straightforward. Instead of selling their smartphones on some websites, to some companies, and then looking for a new phone on different other websites, buying from a different company, consumers can do all of that with one single step: selling and buying their phones with the help of the same platform, such as for instance Gadcet, and dealing with the same company. When you want to buy a mobile phone, the largest amount of money you loose is on commissions or price difference, which comes from the fact that a website will offer you a quote slightly lower than the real market value, as to cover their business, while another will charge you above the market value for your new acquisition, as to cover their expenses and turn a profit. For consumers, those are money down the drain, while if they decide to trade in a mobile phone, they would be dealing with the same company, only paying the difference and only covering one transaction and thus one commission.


Now, some people don?t want to buy a mobile phone in exchange for the old one and when they are looking to sell their smartphones or other gadgets, they do so in order to get cash, in which case gadget exchange may not be the best solution for them. However, if you are indeed looking to get a better phone, a new model or a better brand, then the wise thing to do is to trade in the mobile phone you already have and just pay the difference, as it will turn out to be a better deal. It is financially wiser and it also protects you from online fraud, as you drastically limit the number of transactions you make and the number of companies you have to deal with.