For most people, soap is the traditional substance which is used for a basic purpose ? cleaning. Nowadays, the market has been invaded by a wide variety of soaps, created by different producers and serving different purposes. However, few people know that the items they can find on the shelves of the supermarkets are not actually soaps, but rather cleaning solutions. If you look carefully on their package you will notice they are called ?beauty bars?, which means that many bars you consider soaps are solely harsh detergents. Unfortunately, after multiple uses, these will cause nothing but harm to your skin, instead of having the gentle action of natural soap. These really take dirt and grim off the skin, while the artificial detergents available in stores only eliminate beneficial oils, causing skin dryness. Commercial products are just some chemical cocktails which often do not consist in any soap at all, which is why if you want to protect your skin and maintain it healthy, you should only use natural handmade products.

Natural soap is the only washing solution beneficial for your skin, because it is made using traditional methods and genuine agents. While the cleaning products you find in supermarkets are chemically processed and industrially manufactured from synthetic substances, natural handmade soaps creation process uses only natural ingredients. When commercial bars are made, glycerine, which should be the main element found in soaps, is removed through chemical processing, in order to be sold separately in other cosmetic products. Glycerine is replaced by artificial agents that are most of the time obtained from animal fat (also known as tallow). The lack of glycerine and the presence of toxic additives leads to dry skin, irritations and even severe diseases, especially for those who are sensitive or have allergic reactions. Handcrafted soaps can be obtained through many methods, but the best and most popular is the cold processing method, because it maintains the high level of glycerine of the resulting products. The main elements of handmade soaps are vegetable-extracted oils, exotic butters, natural plants and herbs, clays, juices or therapeutic essential oils. These are used in order for the soaps to have vivid colours and scents, which are most of the time stronger than those obtained through chemical processing. Their nourishing features are well known, and the fact that they contain glycerine streamlines their qualities and the beneficial effects they have on the skin.


Besides being healthy and secure for the users and for the environment, the lovely colours, appealing design and inviting fragrances make people all around the world look for the best handmade soaps. There are many manufacturers and suppliers, such as Simply Soaps, where you will find the best organic soaps and natural skin care products. You can purchase them for personal use or as a present for your dear ones. The small colourful bars which are gentle to the skin can make the perfect gift for any occasion, all you have to do is choose from the multitude of scents, shapes and assortments.