When planning to buy a boat, one of the first considerations is whether to choose a new or a used one. Even if you could afford buying a new boat, opting for a pre-owned one could be a better alternative for various reasons. Nowadays, you can easily find an online platform that allows you to buy and sell boats, and the selection of options you can find is highly extensive. If you are still contemplating on whether to buy a new or a second-hand boat, than some information on the topic might help you reach a decision. Here are the top reasons, why pre-owned is the best option:

Save money

The main reason, why so many people choose pre-owned is budget. The price difference between used and new is pretty significant. You can end up saving even up to 40 percent if you purchase second-hand. Besides the initial price, which is certainly significantly lower, you can also save money on the yearly ownership costs. Overall, a pre-owned boat is certainly a more budget-friendly option, and if you make your purchase from a reliable and trustworthy seller, you will benefit from the same high quality technology and great sailing experience. If your financial possibilities do not allow you to buy the newest and most luxurious boat, then go for a pre-owned one, and you will definitely not regret it. The same budget advantage goes for used boat trailers as well.


Buying a new boat is the same as buying a new car in terms of depreciation. As soon as you make the purchase, reselling it will mean a significant financial loss. After the boat will be towed off the dealer?s lot, a depreciation of up to 30 percent will occur. When buying second-hand, this will no longer be an issue, and if you do decide to resell it, then the chances are you will be able to receive back almost the same amount.

Time-tested technology

Buying a boat that is recently new on the market means you will be taking a risk, because its technology has not passed the test of time yet. With a second-hand one, you have the possibility of reading various reviews about the manufacturer, and learn all there is to know about the boat?s technology, before actually making a purchase. Moreover, if there were any initial bugs in the motor, the previous owner has probably already dealt with them. However, if you want to be certain that you are making a wise purchase, get a marine survey, and find out if the boat is in its best condition.

As you can see, choosing a pre-owned boat over a new one can bring you various advantages. The market has to offer a wide range of options, you just need to know where to look. Search for a reputable website, such as Boatwix, that allows you to browse through various offers, and choose the model you like best. Regardless of budget, with so many second-hand boats for sale you will certainly find a boat to suit your preferences.