Especially around the holiday season, all handmade retailers must provide for their customers special products, designed in order to perfectly store the spirit and meaning of Christianity’s most special day. The Christmas day requires special preparations and the true spirit can be set only with some help of special décor items, such as those manufactured with care from emblematic raw materials. Olive wood is a great symbol of Christianity and many factories specialised in producing reputable products, such as a comfort olive wood cross. Full of meaning during this time of the year, it reminds people about what this holiday is really about. Also, many clients seem to turn interest towards such products, because of the over commercialisation of this holiday. Simple, yet symbolic presents seem to be a great approach for an increased number of clients. Therefore, many retailers must rethink their approach of the commercialised products as well.

A great reason why all handmade retailers or gift shops must consider diversifying their product portfolios is a constant search of novelty of their clients. Honestly speaking, you cannot maintain the audience pleased if year after year you come with the same offer in terms of product variety. Novelty is found not only in design, but also in the materials used in the manufacturing process. For example, make sure around this time you bring some products with a holy significance, such as those manufactured in the land of Bethlehem. For the Christian world, there isn’t a greater symbol than this. Also, make sure all products have a high quality and attention to detail, because clients lately have become a lot more selective. They search quality, they search uniqueness and durability.

Also, in terms of benefits, when you spot and work with a reputable manufacturer, their wholesale products oftentimes come at hard to refuse prices. As you might guess, a smaller buy price for stores is translated in a smaller sale price for the final buyer. This will help with increasing the sales, not only around the holidays, but all around the year. Of course, many have themed products, but they also offer for sale crosses, bible covers and other similar products, all with great significance for all Christians. As in terms of special Christmas décor, if you want a boost in terms of sales, combine a meaningful product with an unbeatable price and you have a recipe for success. For example, stores commercialising Christmas Olive wood ornaments know a great boost of sales, because these products have all the qualities clients look for in their special décor. They are durable, affordable and masterfully crafted.

A great manufacturer of products of this kind is Dacaret Factory, offering a large variety of handcrafted products, from nativity sets, bible covers, a stunning variety of crosses and Christmas ornaments, all manufactured from olive wood and bark. The craftsmen are from families from the Middle East, having a great experience in transforming olive wood in reputable Christian products.