In the automotive industry, each stage of the manufacturing process is equally important, from the moment parts are created to the moment they are assembled. Cleaning the components before putting them together should be a priority both for manufacturing companies and for garages. For this reason, purchasing the right parts washer machines and solutions is mandatory. Parts washers are specialized devices used for manufacturing and maintenance operations in order to eliminate unwanted residues from the automobile?s components. In the past, the machine was only a tank filled with water, were parts were kept until the dirt got moist and could be removed manually, but nowadays, the evolution of technology has allowed the device to use automated systems. A parts washer for cars includes cold cleaning units and degreasers that use water, vapours and temperature. In order for parts to be cleaned appropriately, you must use specialized agents. These mainly belong to two categories: solvents and aqueous cleaners. While solvents work mainly by dissolving the dirt, they are petroleum-based and some of them are considered harmful for the environment. On the other hand, aqueous cleaners have the advantage of being eco-friendly, which is why they are considered the perfect alternative to traditional solutions.


If you need a parts washer for your business, you should consider using aqueous cleaning solutions, not only because they are good for the environment, but also because they are extremely efficient. They have a neutral pH composition and are alkaline water-based substances, which are able to take down and remove stains and grease from almost any surface. You will find on the market many suppliers of small parts washer for sale which use aqueous and semi-aqueous agents, so choosing a method that protects the environment is easier than never. Using water-based cleaners over traditional solvents has plenty of advantages, and is beneficial also for those who manoeuvre the washers, due to the lower hazardous risks, such as fires or intoxication. The employees are not exposed to any chemical or toxic radiation, and this ensures a safe working space. In addition to this, using aqueous solutions involves lower management costs, which will bring profits to your business, while also offering a better cleaning performance.


Aqueous parts washer represents a late hour device, provided by many companies, such as Safe Solvents. They offer water based cleaning pieces of equipment, which will help you have cleaner components and a safer business. These will provide you with a strong and efficient solution, much safer and eco-friendly than the traditional one, involving solvents. The biodegradable substance ensures a secure space for your employees, while also being a cost efficient and reliable cleaning option. There are various washers which use water solvents as the main cleaning agent, so you can choose between manual or automated (using spray, agitation or immersion systems). The choice has to be done depending on the type of business you own, the space you have available and the size of the parts you need to clean, but there are so many options that you will definitely find something to suit your needs and budget.