In the past years, marketing experts from all around the world have noticed the increasing need for more and more innovative advertising methods. While years ago, having a commercial on TV several times a day was enough to ensure success, nowadays this has become an obsolete promotional strategy. For this reason, international companies that are trying to have a wider market reach are obliged to make use of the most unusual advertising ideas. Since traditional marketing has started to be considered mainstream, as a business owner, in order to achieve the expected result and have an impact on your public, you should focus on innovation. This is why guerrilla strategies have gained more and more popularity lately ? these are based on creative promotion which addresses to a large mass of potential clients. Hiring promo staff, launching guerrilla campaigns or using experiential marketing are just some of the most creative solutions you can use in order to build a strong brand and become well known. Fortunately, there are various reputable companies, such as Love Creative Marketing, providing all these services, so they will help you transform your ideas into reality.


In case you are wondering why you should use outsourcing and hire people from outside your company to promote your services, then you must know that promo staff are not only some mere people wearing similar printed t-shirts. This, of course, can be part of their job description, because it will offer your company visibility, so you should prepare some custom made clothes for them. You can offer them t-shirts or overall uniforms, where passers-by can find basic information about your company and contact details. Although this may seem mainstream, it will actually prove to be very efficient. Seeing a group of people wearing similar garments will give potential customers the impression of professionalism and unity. However, the importance of promotional staff goes way beyond distributing flyers and wearing a uniform. Needless to say that they have to look impeccable in order to stand out of the crowd, because they represent the first impression people will have about your business ? if those who promote it look need, the services you offer will definitely be in accordance.


In case you are interested in this advertising method, then you will have to start looking for a professional event staffing agency, because you cannot simply hire some random individuals. Those who work in this domain have a series of skills and capabilities that can guarantee they will not go unnoticed. They should have great communication and improvisation skills, because they will have to deal with all sorts of people, not to mention about the selling skills. In addition to this, they should also know the market and understand your marketing strategy, unless you want them to promote some services that you do not offer. To this end, after you hire them, they will have to attend some training sessions, so there is nothing to worry about. Promotional staff will become your brand ambassadors, so make sure you choose them carefully.