In the world of business image is everything because the impression that the customer forms about the company and its products is a determining factor for the number of sales. The way in which the company presents itself to the public is essential for attracting consumer attention and establishing a positive relationship with its customers. This is true for small and large companies alike. The sad reality is that many companies often neglect the importance of image in the process of advertising their products and services and fail to notice that image promotion is not only useful for making a name in the industry, but also for growing in the eye of the ordinary buyer. While there are many ways in which a company can promote its products and services to the public, none are as successful as brand ambassadors. Although many companies fail to realize the importance of good marketing, the idea of brand ambassadors is not new to the business industry.

Even companies that are at the beginning of the road use spokespersons to promote themselves in both online and offline environments. However, this does not mean that a brand ambassador is sufficient and a company that desires maximum exposure should hire promotional staff. The brand ambassador represents the company and uses all the necessary tools to get the company noticed. Besides endorsing the products or services of the company, the spokes model typically embodies the identity of the company in appearance, value, demeanour and ethics. Most of times the role can be played either by a celebrity or by an unpaid volunteer who is skilled at using promotional strategies to motivate customers to purchase and consume more. However, their duties remain the same. The reason why so many celebrities are used to endorse companies is that to the view of the public, they are more credible and their status ensures high visibility for the company. Brand promotion is not limited only to handing out coupons. Many have realized that marketing on social networking platforms is an efficient way to draw attention to a company?s products and services.

As compared to the traditional word of mouth, online environments spread the news faster and advertising companies like Love Creating Marketing know this very well. In addition, the power of the Internet does not lie in the fact that it allows the user to reach millions of users, but rather in the fact that it brings people together through social media websites. This is where a spokes model comes in handy because they can emotionally engage with the customer and create a lasting contact. The truth is that people need to see beyond logos and symbols and a spokes model is the ideal way to humanize the brand. Given that they also have connections with important people from within the industry, they can increase the company?s awareness very fast. Finally, if the company is interested in targeting specific regions, then a brand ambassador is the only way in which they can be sure that their message will reach its destination.