Companies that either produce or commercialize foods and beverages have been long using sampling as a marketing strategy to convince customers to try their products. While in some industries such as cosmetics the notion of sampling is by no way new, other companies are still reluctant when it comes to giving away free samples mostly because they fell that the money invested in putting up a team and in the products themselves are wasted. However, refusing customers product sampling is a mistake in the world of marketing because there is no other way of making the customer familiarized with what you are selling. Typical examples of companies that rarely offer customers samples of their products are technological companies and toy manufacturers.

Free samples are the easiest way to show people the quality of the product and at the same time to build a lasting relationship with them. This is the reason why you are most likely to encounter them everywhere from the local grocery store to the cosmetic section of the mall. While it may seem highly unlikely, the fact is that offering free samples is one of the many methods that guarantee that what you are selling will make its way to the shelves of stores. One reason why samples are so effective is that they allow companies to invoke reciprocity because people usually feel obligated to return the favour if they receive something for free. Although the general belief is that giving free samples it a waste of money, this is not the case if you know a few basic principles. For instance, it is important to hand out products that potential buyers can incorporate into their daily use, such as coffee machines imprinted with the company?s logo. Owing to the fact that people use them all the time, they will be constantly reminded about your brand. Equally important is to target the right people in order to get returns and this is why you need event staffing London in order to stand out. In other words, you should only target people that have either bought from you previously or that manifested a real interest for your products like those that come to trade shows. In the end, you can consider local demographics as well.

Besides the fact that customers like to receive free items, samples are also very effective because they allow people to test the product without being forced into making a purchase. Testing is necessary because many products turn out to be a financial risk and that is why customers feel the need to experience them. In time, It has been proven that experiential marketing leads to increased sales because it appeals to the emotional side of customers. In this sense, sampling has changed as well and companies now use bloggers or celebrities to endorse their products. Advertising agencies with experience such as Love Creative Marketing know that communicating with the customer allows companies to find out what is expected of them. If you are sure whether the free samples really pay off, then you can track the number of sales, but they generally transform into high returns. You just have to know when and where to advertise.