Wall art is the element that can make the difference when it comes to a stylish interior. Whether you choose to try a combination between many small pieces, or you use a large canvas to cover part of your wall, hanging something on the walls will bring a fresh and classy touch to any interior. If you want to try a sustainable alternative, then you should choose printed canvas ? a modern option offered by dedicated companies such as CanvasJet. This enables you to choose any picture you want, whether you download it from the internet or from your personal gallery, and then transform it into a genuine painting, which will definitely embellish your home. In case you think that this trick is not suitable for you, because you have a small house, then you should know that you can even create the illusion of space, by putting on the walls some items that will radiate color and thus make the room seem larger. The beautiful canvases will definitely catch your guests? attention, who will congratulate you for the bold and inspired decorating decision. A stretched canvas represents not only an original idea, but also a proof of the fact that you are up to date with the latest trends in terms of interior design.


Canvas art is something that has developed a lot in the past years, since professional designers have launched the tendency of wall art as the piece of resistance of a stylish interior. When this trend was initially launched, it generally meant combining pictures of different sizes and shapes, while nowadays, the most fashionable choice is represented by a huge painting, which can cover a large part of a wall. However, whether you choose to display a photo on canvas print or you go for a beautiful oversized landscape, this type of decoration will definitely look amazing in your house. In spite of the fact that a large piece seems to be the most stylish option, in case you cannot decide upon a single picture, you can still choose to combine many images, and the result will be nevertheless impressive. There are endless possibilities when it comes to shapes, sizes and arrangements, so do not hesitate and be as creative as you can get. You can place the canvases vertically, one above the other, or horizontally, depending on the shape of your walls and the surrounding furniture. A great idea would be to put two larger pictures in the middle, and then arrange the smaller ones around them, maintaining the symmetry.


In addition to this, you can frame the pictures or not, depending on the visual effect you want to obtain. This type of wall art is extremely permissive, since is enables you to combine pictures from your holidays, family memories and artistic images that you love. A mosaic canvas is an original choice, which allows you have everything you like on a single canvas. Furthermore, you can also combine them with mirrors, if you want the room to appear bigger.