Hemorrhoids are small vessels very vascularized, which can be found in the anus and rectum and often tend to become swollen, due to various reasons. About 70% of the people worldwide have experienced this ailment?s symptoms, which makes it one of the most common diseases. Most of the times, the main h?morro?des cause is represented by a prolonged period of time spent on the toilet during bowel movements, because this creates additional pressure in blood vessels. This happens especially to people who suffer from chronic constipation, which is a natural result of a poor alimentation process and a disordered lifestyle. Hemorrhoids can be external or internal, and they are only dangerous if they become too swollen or belled abundantly, case in which seeking for medical advice is recommended. Generally, hemorrhoids? symptoms can be cured and reduced through natural treatments, but the most important element in case you want to avoid ever having this type of issue is pay a lot of attention to what you eat, and drink a lot of liquids. Usually this condition is not dangerous, but it creates discomfort and influences your daily life, which is why you could relief it by having healthier nutrition habits and introducing more liquids in your ordinary diet.

The foods you eat may be the source of all evil, so focusing more on the dietary customs could help you prevent the apparition of hemorrhoids. Firstly, since constipation seems to grow the risks of this condition, you should know that a diet rich in fiber may facilitate the digestion process and eliminate h?morro?des saignement. Increase the intake of dietary fiber, and keep in mind that it can be soluble and insoluble. The most useful in this situation is the soluble one, which makes the stool softer and thus easier to pass. This will automatically ease the bowel movement, so that you will be able to spend less time on the toiled, which will significantly reduce the irritation and pressure in the blood vessels from the rectum. Introduce fiber in your meals gradually, unless you want to experience bloating and gas. In addition to this, to avoid fiber from having ?side effects? (lead to constipation), you should also drink a lot of water. There are a lot of foods which contain fiber, so you can easily adjust your meals: fresh fruits (apples, berries, figs or prunes) and vegetables (carrots, broccoli), and allsorts of grains, from cereals (okra, oats, wheat or flaxseed) to peas, beans and barley. Furthermore, avoiding irritating foods, such as citrus fruits, spices, tomatoes and caffeine seems to ameliorate the symptoms, while consuming them can only aggravate the condition.

If you are interested in finding more about this ailment and natural treatments, you can visit hemoroidetraitementrapide.com, a dedicated blog which will help you face your health issues. Make sure you find the most suitable natural remedies for you, and start creating a daily routine that should keep you away from these problems. Eat clean, drink a lot of water, avoid sitting too much on hard surfaces and have constant physical activity, and you will be devoid of haemorrhoids symptoms.