As soon as winter is over, taking care of the green space around your house should become a priority. You should take advantage of the first sunny days to clear and embellish your patio, arrange the front yard and refurbish the garden, so that the plants grow healthy once the weather becomes warmer. The outdoor space should not be neglected, because it represents the part of your house that others see, and it has to look neat if you want to make a good first impression. In case you have a large green space you can start planting new trees and flowers or bring some pieces of furniture, but if you only have a tiny terrace, you should know that there are many balcony railing planters that you can use to change a bit the atmosphere. Fortunately, nowadays you have access to a wide variety of specialized gardening magazines and web sites where you can find inspiration and even DIY tutorials, so that it will be easier to bring your garden to life after the long cold winter.


The first thing you could do the moment you notice that weather is starting to get warmer is to take out the plants you used to keep inside the house during the cool season, especially the big ones. Some plants cannot tolerate cold temperatures, so you have to move them in a garage or conservatory, but they will feel much better outside. Touched by the sun rays and enjoying the fresh air they can even bloom, making the space look vivid and pleasant. Besides being easy to transport from one place to the other, potted plants are the perfect choice for those who have a small paved area with little room for plants to put their roots in. in addition to this, you can combine work with pleasure and grow some herbs you need in the kitchen ? it will be nice to take care of your condiments, while you also take advantage of their decorative role. If you do not have enough space but you still want to bring some colour to the outdoor area, you could try to place some fence hanging planters around the yard. These are available in various forms, sizes and styles and you can choose whichever arrangement suits your house best.


In order to transform the garden into an enjoyable place where you can spend time with your family or guests, you also have to add some outdoor pieces of furniture. Some lounge chairs, a coffee table and even a swing (in case you have where to hang it) will make the space look welcoming and comfortable. However, remember that these have to be resistant and easy to transport inside, in case the weather gets worse, which is why pallet furniture seems to be the best choice. There are many specialized stores and dedicated online platforms, such as My Pots and, where you can purchase the garden supplies you need. Do not forget to use accessories (colourful pillows, blankets, small trays, lamps or vases), because these will enhance the look of the space.